October 23, 2016

Dimensional CYZC v9.3

Map Dimensional CYZC v9.3 - CYZC9.3ZSB.w3x
Category: Hero Arena
  • Update hero: Fu Landa, Miya Shiro 
  • Elysium: Fixes can not clear the magic-free system 
  • Fix the text part of the hero wrong 
  • Add a sub-element of the strongest team of paper people in the top left center of the map. 
  • Add the fetters of fate group, Shiro and Rin saber and black and fetters details F9
Repair the damage is lower than the actual text of the BUG. Days of the lock (W): Fixed a lock on the days BUG divinity units did not increase 1 second.

October 17, 2016

Anime Battle Royal v5.4

Map Anime Battle Royal v5.4 (Animation fighter) by chinese member

  • The Shinra day syndrome is based on damage-based, with Vientiane day lead cause tons of damage, CD is very short. High damage, but very little time invincible.
  • Vientiane-day lead (type of injury) mudra Method: WEQR
  • Payne most mainstream skills, both range control is AOE skills, and high damage, it is difficult to avoid, and the invincible longer can escape skills.
  • Vientiane-day lead (single control) mudra Method: WQER
  • Download: Anime Battle Royal v5.4


    Category: Hero Arena
    Tileset: Sunken Ruins
    Dimensions: 192x192
    Playable Area: 172x172
    Recommended Players: 2v2v2v2 3v3 4v4


    October 09, 2016

    Death None Battle 7.7 AI

     Map Death None Battle v7.7 AI by chinese member

    You can play this map with computer with Other player or Computer (AI+++)
    • Added a new hero - East cents to awakening. 
    • All initial properties hero to the same. 
    • Fixed book buy more blood will be card problem map. 
    • The repair phase nine rounds to kill Caton problem. 
    • Div white remove a protective effect of the whole property plus 30 points, after Div exclusive to the whole property plus 30 points. 
    • Other details of the changes. ...

    • Support to repair a white release skills action bug. 
    • The first election hero award is reduced from 500 to 300 gold coins. 
    • Fixed by white thunder and lightning cause conjugated map crash bug.
    Download: Death None Battle v7.7 AI download
    Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/?eie0pizn49l7i2a

    Kichiku Wars v3.4 AI

    Map Kichiku Wars v3.4 AI - Kichiku kaleidoscope full speech V3.4 official version

    This map is a volume of more than 40M, can not in LAN / Holdfast platform / VS platform / Tencent platform these environments online and want to play online this map players in the World of Warcraft official war platform game, the platform for the Blizzard support and recognition of the unique World of Warcraft war platform, this platform has a special room in the map other changes: QB salesman call CD becomes 20 ~ 60 seconds

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    October 05, 2016

    FOCS Another 11.07a city

    Map FOCS Another 11.07a_city edit by Gin03 and Kadzut0
    FOCS Another 11.07a (city)

    Thanks to sound help VADZORO
    • Category: Hero Arena
    • Tileset: Cityscape
    • Dimensions: 96x96
    • Playable Area: 84x91
    • Size: 8177 KB
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    Naruto World Ultimate 1.0 S3 B9.1a

    Map Naruto World 1.0 S3 B9.1a - Naruto World Ultimate 1.0 S3 B9.1a.w3x by Rikudou_Sennin
    Naruto World Ultimate (RPG)
    Repeat the history of Naruto or choose another path's.

    New update from version B9.1a:
    -Rework some spells(Raiton Wolf, Genjutsu etc.).
    -Rasengan rebalance.
    -New Killing system.
    -Fixed 47 bugs.
    Naruto World 1.0 S3 B9.1a Features:
    • Name Map: Naruto World 1.0 S3 B8.1a
    • Category: Role Playing (RPG) 
    • Tileset: Cityscape
    • Dimensions: 256x256
    • Playable Area: 254x252
    • Recommended Players:1x2x2 or full
    • Size: 8140.5 KB 
    • Created by Rikudou_Sennin
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    October 01, 2016

    Bleach vs Naruto 2.2b

    Map Bleach vs Naruto v2.2a - BleachVsNarutoV2.2a-O.w3x by Archangel (Russian)

    This version update on October/02/2016....Good luck and have fun
    -Amber: Last 4->2 sec; Cooldown 60->120
    -Yammamoto Firesword: DPS 95->65
    -Madara Gunbai: Cooldown 60->120

    -Nagato: The ability with which he has to heal itself by mana xn enemy somehow heals the enemy, not Nagato, and not burn his mana
    -Deydara: Fixed bug with Multibordom when calculating Allied kills (C0)
    -Suygetsu 1 skill known is now passes through the obstacles
    -Ayzen 1 spell now creates clones
    -Tsukishima 3 skill no longer removed instantaneous auto-attack after use

    -Tsukishima: No longer passes through the skill known as texture 2
    Category: Hero Arena
    Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
    Dimensions: 128x128
    Playable Area: 116x116
    Recommended Players: от 2 до 10
    Size: 8174 KB

    September 29, 2016

    Bleach Battle Royal v7.6 AI

    Map Bleach Battle Royal v7.6 AI.w3x by jiwalv (Update September/30/2016)

    This version can play with AI+ (Computer) or Friends and other player
    Warcraft version: 1.24 or 1.26 (use patch 1.24e play this map)
    Please note: stand-alone game must be added to the enemy's computer.

    Category: Hero Arena
    Recommended Players: 1-10
    Size: 7429.5 KB

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    Download: Bleach Battle Royal v7.6 AI
    Mirror:  Bleach Battle Royal 7.6 AI download

    September 26, 2016

    [Anime] LOCS2 0.9a

    Map LOCS2 - 0.9a - [Anime]LOCS2 0.9a.w3x by Hirako32
    All changes will not fit in a single message, so changing characters and objects I attached a text document.

    [Hardering] - Yusuke gets Agility for every 10 blows to the hero, instead of 5, and Power for every 15 strokes from the hero instead of the 5 
    [Reiki Punch] - stun duration reduced from 1.50 to 1.00 seconds 

    [Regular Blast] - damage reduced to INT x1.00 to INT x0.75 
    [the G's Archery] - Gain Regular Blast damage has been reduced from INT x1.25 to INT x0.75 

    Nanaya Shiki 
    [Sensa: Meigokushamon] - damage reduced from (AGI x0.60 - 6.00 + 100) to (AGI x0.50 - 5.00 + 75) 

    [Bankai] - Fixed bug due to which he rarely turned on 
    [Energy Slam] - reduced the percentage of health damage from Zaraki from 10% to 6%
    Category: Hero Arena
    Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
    Dimensions: 256x256
    Playable Area: 188x190
    Recommended Players: 3-9
    Size: 8134.6 KB

    Download: [Anime]LOCS2 0.9a.w3x
    Model and Sound pack v0.5 - https://yadi.sk/d/mUt2u1kxvmPrE

    September 24, 2016

    DotA v6.83d AI 1.50

    Map DotA_v6.83d AI 1.50.w3x created by Icefrog. Edit by Chinese member
    – Repair guard AI Light soul form skills error
    – Repair mark fairy dragon AI skills crescent release error
    Fix illusion’s no mana burn bug
    Fix storm spirit’s ball lightning got stuck and may result in errors
    Fix axe’s various bugs
    Fix ogre magi’s unrefined fireblast (aghanim’s skill, consume 60% remaining mana)
    Fix phantom assassin that may cause map errors bug
    Monkey king bar
    – MKB still can’t work with medusa’s split shot
    Manta Style 
    – heroes with transformation skill that use manta style after transforming will not display the transformation timer

    September 05, 2016

    Dimensional CYZC v8.9

    Map Dimensional CYZC v8.9 - CYZC8.9.w3x - 
    Category: Hero Arena

    Hero 8.9 update: NANOHA 8.9 updates are as follows

    • Add a new hero - Nanoha 
    • Replace the use of magic-free trigger. 
    • Fixed "everyone RBQ" and "weakest strongest" approach to obtain the title now correctly capture the title winner. 
    • With regard to Sayaka apricots and eggs, eggs will now trigger Sayaka computing head, calculated to kill Sayaka apricots.
    King Kong Force Awakening (R): the effect of changes to strengthen the transfiguration W will refresh CD, movement speed increase of 30 points, attack power increased by 50 points, the whole property is temporarily increased by 20 points.

    Map size: 58.55 MB

    Thien Menh Anh Hung ORPG v1.21

    Map Thien Menh Anh Hung ORPG v1.21.w3x by Vietnam member

    Note: You must install the latest Warcraft 3 patch (version 1.24e or newer) to play this map.

    Category: Role Playing (RPG)
    Tileset: Cityscape
    Dimensions: 288x288
    Playable Area: 251x275
    Recommended Players: 1-8  

    Download:- Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vimm37yfcxd5ez6/
    - Fshare: https://www.fshare.vn/file/AN6NGZGWYV88
    - Google: goo.gl/vXXTqi