Anime Grand Battle 1.0c

Map Anime Grand Battle V1.0c.w3x by [D]eva Released now
Aos 3 way 20 Hero

Anime Grand Battle 1.0c Change log [ENG/TH]
- Fix bug [Q] - Izayoi , Kizaru
- Fix Balance Damage [W] STR , AGI x 1-6 , INT x 2-7
- Fix Balance Damage [R] and [T]
- [R] - (x8-10) + 200[STR] , +250[AGI] , +300[INT]
- [T] - (x12) +300[STR] , +300[AGI] , +400[INT]
- [F] - x10 all hero , but shanks haki x7 same old version.
- Add New skill jellal [F] - Sema(Re-SFX) , [G] - Solid Seal
and Upgrade(Increase Damage) Grand Chariot (Require Solid Seal)

Coming Soon...
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 192x192
Playable Area: 192x192
Recommended Players:Anime Fans
Size: 7969.4 KB

Download: Anime Grand Battle v1.0b


Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0 - NinpouStormMN4.0.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 4.0:
- Added Hashirama Sennin Mode
- Added team duel
- Added Achievement system
- Added new mode: Story Mode (RPG)

An AoS map stylized on Naruto Universe. Pick your hero and fight for your village in a New Ninja War!

Link Download: Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0


Anime Grand Battle 1.0b

Map Anime Grand Battle V1.0b.w3x by [D]eva Released now
Aos 3 way 20 Hero

Anime Grand Battle 1.0b Change log [ENG/TH]
- Fix bug Stun all hero Abilities [R]
- แก้บัคสตันสกิล 4 ทุกฮีโร่
- Fix Cast Range [W] Mukuro 600 >> 500 and Lock 2 sec >> 0.5 sec
- แก้ระยะใช้สกิล2มุคุโร่จาก 600 เหลือ 500 และลดเวลาล้อคจาก 2 เหลือ 0.5
- Fix Touma [E] Imagone Breaker Cooldown 80 >> 90 All level and duration 1.5-9 >> 1-6
- เพิ่มคูดาวสกิล 3 โทมะจาก 80เป็น90 และลดระยะเวลาบัฟจาก 1.5-9วิ เหลือ 1-6วิ
- Fix Bug damage skill 1 Gon , Zeref , Izayoi
- แก้บัคดาเมจสกิล 1 กอน,เซเรฟ,อิซาโยอิ เวลาใช้ไกล้ๆจะแรง
- Add stun Laxus [W] 1.5 sec.
- เพิ่มสตันสกิล 2 ลัคซัส
- Fix Bug not respawn when die in tournament time
- แก้บัคไม่เกิดเวลาตายตอนทัวนาเม้นเริ่ม
- Fix Bug [R] Noire can't move/unpause when use.
- แก้บัคโนวาลสกิล 4 บางครั้งใช้แล้วจะมูฟไม่หยุด
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 192x192
Playable Area: 192x192
Recommended Players:Anime Fans
Size: 7969.4 KB

Download: Anime Grand Battle v1.0b


Legen Of The Dragon v1995

Map Legen Of The Dragon v1995.w3x - by Pe Uyen (VietNam)

Category: Other
Tileset: Northrend
Dimensions: 192x160
Playable Area: 191x160
Recommended Players: 4v4, 5v5 or 6v6
Size: 3865.3 KB

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Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.20b.w3x

Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.20b by Archi, Hanni, & Sukramo

Retterained a third of Stranglethorn.

Put the Call Naga ability on the event building rather than on Illidan. Expect this for Kaels events too in the future.

New audio for Arthas going to Northrend.


Nerfed Galen starting STR by 5

Jaina now only needs to be level 6 to get Kul'Tiras, down from 8.

Jaina now also gains one extra level from that event

Removed 1 Cannon Tower from Duskwood.

Orgrimmar hp down to 3000, from 5000.

Hellfire Citadel hp and attack buffed.

River boats now scale with naval upgrades instead of normal ones.

Ancients of War now train all basic LB units.


Fixed a bug where LB would not get Maiev on Illidan defection.

Removed 2 trees in Stormwind to prevent massive amounts of units teleporting in getting stuck. (Thanks IceThundraWolves)

Pokemon Arena v1.7

Map Pokemon Arena v1.7.w3x released 07/2015

This versin fix bug 1.6 - Add 2 new heroes pokemon

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Dalaran
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 160x160
Recommended Players: Any
Size: 7991.9 KB

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Infinity v1.18b.w3x

Map Infinity v1.18b.w3x by dhguardianes (Update July/02/2015)

Minor bug fixes.
Added new items Pandora.
Added new Hero Archmage and Demon Hunter.
Added new Rain Effect.
Changed some model of creep.
Some small buffs to all classes.
Improved Imagine Broads.
Improved graphics(terrain) to bring a better experience.
Improved Render Graphic some effect to 40FPS(smoothness).
Choose wisely 1 out of 4 unique heroes to join the legendary battle arena.

Map Info:

Having great experience with the most battling gameplay ever in Infinity the Battle Core

The legendary Infinity wc3 map now has comeback to our game Warcraft! Get ready to be addicted to the Clash of Eternity

War of destiny between the best heroes who come from every corner of the world. They can be a archer, a mage or even an assassin, fighting against each other to become the last one who can stand on the peak of Onyex, a legendary forest, hiding the most greatest power that god has sealed

- FFA mode

With the your honor and pride, alone, you will have to survive in the Onyex Forest by killing each other, winning this dead or alive fight to be the almighty one

- Team mode

With the helps of ur allies, toghether, you will go on a mythical adventure in the Onyex Forest, battling with frightening monsters, courageous warriors and terrifying enemies.

- Items craft

In your hand with the recipes of many almighty weapons, build your ultimate items so no one can stand against you.

- Fighting Style

With the outstanding playstyle and awesome fighting animations combined with amazing visual effects, Infinity definitely make you more satisfied when killing your enemies

- Wonderful Graphics

Inspite of the old wc3 engine, Infinity surpass that limit to bring you the most satisfying graphic that no other maps can compare. Every perfect details will take you to the most amazing adventure you can have in Warcraft

- Gameplay

Select one from 4 unique heroes to join with you in the battle, then choose 4 out of 12 exclusive abilities to form your strength to fight your enemies.
The possible combinations can go up to 81.

- Systems

+ Fountain Runes
Every 90 second, one of 5 unique runes will appear right in the center of the map, bringing you the greatest power to fight against the enemies

+ High Brush
You can make a great use of these high brushes to hide or ambush the enemies, intensifying the map

+ Anti Hackmap
No one can cheat while playing Infinity, that is ensured. With this system, everyone who uses any map-hacking software will be auto-kicked from the game

+ AI
Computer bots can be your enemy, with the extraordinary calculation, they can skillshot you with 86% accuracy

+ SmartAttackAPI
Melee Heroes now can auto aim the nearby target, making your attack more easier

+ Imagine Broads
Now you can have amazing killing banner like dota2

+ MyDirectionAPI
You can always know where your hero is, with the smart direction

+ VibrateCamAPI
Shaking and Vibrating Camera, bring you the greatest visual effects

+ HeroStepAPI
You can hear the footsteps of each hero, like u're playing CS:GO

Dragonball Budokai 2.0

Map Dragonball Budokai v2.0 - DBB2.0.w3x by Avarize and Dragonias

Dragonball budokai 2.0 changelog:
#LOTS of changes i dont remember from old log that got lost when my PC fried
#Tapion added
#Zangya added
#New models for Frieza's Form 1,2,3 and 4
#Super Saiyan God added to Goku
#Vegeta's mana regen "fixed"
#Vegeta's Bang Beam stun reduced to 2 seconds(down from 4)
#Gohan's Father Son Kamehameha increased range to 1000(up from 700)
#Gotenk's Vice Shout now pings the map where the portal opens
#Gotenk's Vice Shout not only lasts 10 seconds
#Gotenk's Galactic Donut stun decreased to 3 seconds(down from 4)
#Gotenk's Ghost Kamikaze Attack now working properly
#Majin Buu and Buu's Vanishing Beam should no longer leave a trail
#Gogeta's Shining Raid "should" lag less
#Videls Justice Pheonix now only hits once
#Buu's Flame Breath "Should" lag less
#Cell can now get Super Cell by killing Saga Heroes
#Raditz's Shining Friday "Should" lag less
#13's 3D Scan Mode stat gain lowered by 5 and cooldown increased by 30 seconds
#Fasha now lose 3 sanity when attacked, gains 1 when attacks, Powering up restores 10 Sanity per second
#King Vegeta's Tactical Genius health regen lowered
#Big Bang Attack third explosion "bug" removed
#Bigger heroes should now be able to use teleports
#Rocket Boots fixed
#Fasha's Hysteric Saiyan Lady fixed in many ways(lol)
#Can no longer manually revert from Oozaru
#Yamcha's Spirit Ball and Super Spirit Ball duration decreased to 6 seconds(down from 10)
#Leaving players now removed from the game
#Goku's Continuous Kamehameha damage increased to 3.5(Up from 3)
#Chiaotzu's Self Destruct damage decreased to 1.5(down from 3)
#Roshi's Pressure Point Attack stun duration decreased to 2 seconds(down from 4)
#Roshi's Thunder Shock Surprise damage increased to 7.5(up from 5)
#Ginyu's Galaxy Dynamite damage decreased to 0.5(down from 0.75)
#Janemba's Rapid Cannon damage increased to 3(up from 1)
#17's Accel Shot damage increased to 3(up from 2)
#Super Saiyan 3 form added to Vegito
#New Ability, Big Bang Flash added to Vegito
#Shenrong will now get black dragonballs automaticly
#Cell Reworked a bit, no longer need to absorb androids
#New Ability "Bio Impact" added to Cell
#Buu no longer need to absorb heroes
#New Ability "Rapid Fire" added to Piccolo
#New ability "Best Headbutt" added to Krillin
#New Ability "Nova Chariot" added to Cooler
#New Ability "Sauzer Blade" added to Cooler
#New Ability "Genocide Shell" added to Nappa
#Respawn system remade, lookout no longer neutral ground
#Tournament remade, its now 1v1

DotA v6.84a Allstars B4.w3x

  • Fixed gold and experience formulas for hero kills. There were crucial rounding issues.
  • Fixed Scourge's 10th player issue with shops
  • Fixed Scourge's Glyph issues with cooldown
  • Fixed Craggy Exterior, Incapacitating Bite, Headshot and Rikimaru's invisibility can be leveled too early
  • Fixed Powershot dealing less damage
  • Fixed Spirit Bear Midas being unusable on resummon
  • Fixed Spirit Bear being able to use Moon Shard
  • Fixed Spirit Bear's Entangle never works
  • Fixed Meteor disappearing if Invoker being Purged
  • Fixed Void Stone incorrect cost
  • Fixed Nightmare vision penalty
  • Fixed Suicide Squad Attack damage could kill Techies before he actually explodes (via Blademail for example)
  • Fixed some units being healed too fast on fountain
  • Fixed First bounty rune gave a bit more exp and gold
  • Fixed Broodmother and Spectre's illusions have no vision
  • Fixed Arcane Orb can trigger Essence Aura even if Aura is not learned
  • Fixed vision bug after Switch
  • Fixed Aphotic Shield could dispell Doom's silence effect
  • Fixed some spell effects stay after death
  • Fixed Overpower's bonus attack speed being removed right before last hit
  • Fixed Alchemist didn't get bonus from kills made by skills
  • Fixed Ignite with Multicast level 1 had no AoE
  • Fixed Armlet giving bonus AS while active
  • Fixed Craggy Exterior missing bonus armor
  • Fixed networth values over circles didn't support switch
  • Fixed Guardian Greaves low-hp bonus
  • Fixed Lightning bolt HP bar
  • Fixed (until proven wrong) issue when Enchanting unit keeps it's original owner vision
  • If game hosted by ghost bot WTF mode become unavailable
  • Sentry Wards no longer have small natural vision
  • If item being used on leaver's hero it's become locked until cooldown ends
  • Autoattack disabling reworked, now it shouldn't mess up AI priority. Advanced testing required
  • Cleaned up restricted regions, Force Staff and Rubick got more room to work with
  • Magic damage reductions (Cloack, Hood, Pipe) now stacks (6.82 change)
  • Reduced Mana Drain drain interval from 1 to 0.1 (6.83 change)
Link download: Dota 6.84a beta 4

Attack On Anime 1.2b.w3x

Map Attack On Anime 1.2b.w3x released 06/2015

This last version fix bug for today. if you found bug please post in here
Fix Bug Damage Skill 4 Jellal x Int > Agi
Fix Spell 3 Jellal DC 40/50/60/70/80/90 > 20/30/40/50/60/70
Fix Aokiji Skill 1 No stun.
Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 10
Size: 7.21 MB