February 08, 2016

Dota 6.85h lod

Getdota Map DotA v6.85h LoD.w3x download by ResQ
  • Fixed Counter Helix granting 0.01 manareg
  • Fixed Ball Lightning being able to proc Aftershock, Essence Aura etc. if you had Troll's Whirling Axes
  • Fixed being able to pick heroes a splitsecond faster after the fog clears by assigning a hotkey to the tavern
  • Fixed scourge players not having a tavern to pick from in -MD mode if their mirror in sentinel left the game before the mode was entered
  • Fixed Overgrowth's Agh with Rearm not being restricted to 3000 range around caster, now only works globally when -RC mode is used
  • Fixed not being able to pick Meepo in -DU/-SH modes
See full changelog here: Dota 6.85h lod changelog

What is Legends of DotA? (LoD):
Legends of DotA, or in short, LoD, is a DotA modification. It allows you to pick and mix skills from the original DotA map as you like. You can pick almost every combination you can think of, there are almost no limits - you can create new heroes within a few clicks and play with them!
Ever imagined playing a hero with over 900 range? Just pick Sniper's Take Aim and Lanaya's Psi Blades and you're good to go! There are countless possibilities!
LoD Maps do not have AI support. They can only be played with the most recent Warcraft 3 patch (1.26).
To remove the fact that hotkeys overlay, we recommend using Auct Hotkeys Tool v2.8d (AHT v2.8d). It allows you to have more than 1 spell on the same hotkeywhile not forcingyou to click spells.

Download .w3x: http://www.game2g.com/forum/dota/dota-6-85h-lod-download/
Download .zip: http://www.gameyup.com/warcraft-iii/dota-6-85h-lod-download/

Naval Battle v1.38

Map Naval Battle - v1.37b Created by TKF ; Uploaded by: TKF

Short Description: This is an intense AOS ship game that requires skills to sink your opponents. Unlike other Battleships maps with autofire with weapons, this map do purely have 100% manual cannon fire in this fun cannonball game. The map also feature ship boarding.

AOS/RPG Style: While fighting the enemy empire, you have the option to open the supply route from motherland, travelling outside the main area to search for treasures in the west in the forbidden waters or to the east on the open ocean. Fighting the neutral hostile pirates might give you some extra gold you need to win the game.

This map has a unique cannon combat system makes this map unique from other ships AoS/Battleships maps you have played where you trigger the shots by your hand and feel the joy when you make a lot of hits. The maps cannon system that makes this kind of a "snowball" game you can enjoy many hours of fun gameplay along with other players.

You can try out numerous of tactics such as doing short range tactic for successful hits, long range combat, fire based cannons to make enemy ships burn, boarding tactics, capture empire ships, ramming, trading, exploring hidden areas of the map etc... or you can just focus where the action happens.

This map has similar terrain to the battleships maps. Although it has shocking similarity to the battleships when you start the game, most items are remade and all weapon based items is replaced. My main intent with this map is to give battleships a more realistic cannon system which makes this more fun multiplayer game with a slower pace and a much different gameplay from the normal battleships maps

Ghost's Arena Ver.1.17

Map Ghost's Arena Ver.1.17.w3x by Unbekannt
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Cityscape
  • Dimensions: 32x32
  • Playable Area: 20x24
  • Recommended Players: Ganz viele
  • Size: 1291.9 KB
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Sword Monogatari 1.7B

Map Sword Monogatari 1.7B

Author: Super Oscar (Cd)

Map size: 37.85MB
Supported: 1.24E-1.26 (8M patch) support persons: 1-6
Map Language:Chinese

Repair three R mad skills errors and fixes Q W dynamic concept of problem, problem determination and skills described as consistent repair cannon sister R, some modifications now better Kazuto talent than previously modified layer BOSS skills will lead to 35 problems taking clothes out of the wall to improve the skills of the damage must modify sword ~ ​​W ~ absolutely no harm in modifying sword gifted problem put a model out Sister, do not choose, do not blame the moon in the water can not brush, will be fixed later amended Some equipment does not meet the description of the problem and some are equipped with writing skills, there are still no trigger effects, but in the future will gradually pay back now make up one toy to remove the problem of a few ...

February 06, 2016

Zombie Defense Custom 7.1 Final

Map Zombie Defense Custom v7.1 Final.w3x download by Lions_Blood

This map released at February/08/2016
25 waves of non stop carnage!
-Hero Selection of 16 Heros!
-297 Skins/models & a Beer Drinking System... So you can get drunk!
-Voted Best Custom Zombie Map Ever Made!
===Video Options in WC3 Must all be on High to Play===
Category: Other
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 160x192
Playable Area: 149x156
Recommended Players: A Full Team of 8
Size: 8133.7 KB

Epic Warcraft Battle 9.5

Map Epic Warcraft Battle 9.5.w3x created by Jrd

Category: Meele
Tileset: Lordaeron Fall
Dimensions: 192x192
Playable Area: 180x180
Recommended Players: 3v3
Size: 240.4 KB

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The Last Blade v10.15


Map The Last Blade V10,15.w3x +Ai Created by Dark-Zalor

The Last Blade V10,15 changelog:
I changed damages from spells to heroes
I corrected a bug on demon Hunter spell

Two teams composed with the best warriors of each race will fight in a incredible and dangerous arena to get the legendary swords.
Some events will forces each team to reinforce their team play and their resistance.
It's a terrible place where the weaks can't survive!!! You can choose one of the 91 heroes to fight in this game and support your team and custom your hero with more than 95 items 

Items Recipies

This game is a custom hero arena with specific and very differents heroes. Each team has to kill enemies heroes to get some points.
The first team that reaches the goal (number fixed by the mode) will defeat the enemy's team. The maximum hero level is 75.

Spells :
Every heroes have 5 uniques and custom spells all differents from the warcraft 3 spells and good loking with awsome effects.
Spells are divided in 3 classes
- Basic spells that could be learnt at Lvl 1 upgraded every 2 levels
- Ultimate spells that could be learnt at Lvl 6 upgraded every 6 levels
- Insane spells that could be learnt at Lvl 10 upgraded every 10 levels

Custom keys are Q, W, E, R, F

Their damages are calculated with the main attributes of the caster, you can see the formula below :
Basic spells :
1,35 + (1,35 x (Spell Lvl) x (Total attribute)) ***(Coeff 1,5 for Int heroes)

Ultimate spells :
2,7 + (2,7 x (Spell Lvl) x (Total attribute)) ***(Coeff 3 for Int heroes)

Insane spells :
4,5 + (4,5 x (Spell Lvl) x (Total attribute)) ***(Coeff 5 for Int heroes)

Events :
There is several events in the map :
- Balnazzar's Thirst [Auto] :
The very strong outland guard Balnazzar will leave his desolated lands to arrive in the main arena by the fountain to kill alives heroes.
He has a permanent invisibility and a moderate strength.
The team that can kill him will get an amount of gold and medals in function of the time, you get a bigger bounty if you kill it earlier
Bounty :
Gold : 2500 - (500 x Nbr Spawn)
Medals : 15 - (5 x Nbr Spawn)
(2 minutes duration each spawn)

- Mathog's War [Auto] :
The Doomhammer chaos general Mathog invites the entire team in his arena. The two teams will be separated in two arenas. The meaning of this event is to survive.
He's a very strong enemy you can't kill it.
If one hero from a team survive the entire team will get a 3000 gold and 20 medals. If Mathog had Killed all the team's heroes nobody would have a bounty.
(3 minutes duration)

- Ring of Fire [Auto] :
The two spirits Senarius and Vexxor make a bet about their duels. One hero for each team will be picked randomly, the first hero that will kill his spirit
Will give the Spirit Bull (+60 Every attributes during 7 minutes)
(2 minutes duration)

- Manoroth's Fury [Auto] :
In this event Manototh calls the best hero of each team to come to fight against him. The hero with the biggest quantity of Attributes (Strength, Agility, Intelligence)
will be selectioned for this event. Every hero is move in a side of the Nerubian Ziggurath the first hero that will arrive to the spectral Door will have the right to fight
against Manoroth. The hero that defeat Manoroth will gives to his team the Destructo's Aura during 8 seconds.
+20% Move Speed
+20% Attack Speed
+25% Damages
+200% Life Regeneration
+300% Mana Regeneration
+20 Armor
(5 minutes maximum duration)

- Slauther Arena :
In the slauther arena there is Oz and his a undead army. His monsters respawn after 25 seconds. If a team kill Oz it will have a biggest bounty every time he's killed.
Gold : 250 x Nbr
Medals : 2 x Nbr
Every time Oz dies it get +80 of each attributes and has 2 min respawn time.
This arena is disponible by stepping in the Slauther Arena circle

- Runical Arena :
The Lich King has 3 very strong golems that are protecting the outland Kingdom, they got the divine rapier. This sword permittes them to forces dying creatures to stay into
the outland and not coming back in the earth.
If a hero kills one of them it will receives a divine rapier in his base.

- Lich King Quest :
In this arena you have to defeat the Lich King to receives his Legendary Sword : FROSTMOURNE!!!
You can go to his arena by stepping into the circle called Lich King.

- Big Daddy :
This is a secret quest

Kills :
Every heroes kills in this map will gives you some medals, this is a new ressources that permittes you to by some tomes to increases the hero's attributes.

Modes :
There is a few modes in the game :
-ar : All Random (Every player will have a random hero)
-nc : No Creeps (no neutral creeps in the arena)
-ne : No Event (Disable Automatic Events)
-nb : No Battles (Disable Battles)
-xc : extra creeps (double the number of neutral creeps in the arena)
-hs : Half Score (25 kills/Player to win)
-ds : Double Score (100 kills/Player to win)
-us : Unlimited Score (No kills Limit)
-ns : Normal Score (50 kills/Player to win)
-oi : Only Intelligence (The other heroes can't be picked)
-oa : Only Agility (The other heroes can't be picked)
-os : Only Strength (The other heroes can't be picked)
-dr : Dragon Mode (some dragons will spawn that gives bonus when killed)
-mc : Magic coin Mode (a coin is created on the map and gives to a team 800 gold and 5 medals when picked)
-cs XXX : to fix the kill score per hero
Every modes can be wrote in the same chat entry
ex: -ar-xc-mc-ds

Commands :
-view : to reset the camera view
-dsi : to display the insane spell damages
-dsu : to display the ultimate spell damages
-dsb : to display the basic spells damages
-bug : to respawn a bugged hero (that doesn't revive)
-zoom XXXX : to fix the camera's distance to XXXX (2300 default; 3000 is enough)

February 05, 2016

Ninja Scroll v1.3i

Map Ninja Scroll v.1.3 (i).w3x ; Uploaded by: PoWerJin

Inspired from 'Elimination Tournament', 'Blades n Gore', 'Warlock' and probably from watching too much anime, i present you the fastest Arena map in WCIII. Its a teamgame (Red vs Blue), but of course you can enjoy also 1on1 in 'duel' mode. You can choose between 7different Ninjas: Fire,Water,earth,Storm,Wind, Light and Darkness. But dont worry, the gameplay is very simple and easy because every ninja has the same 4 distinct abilities, except for one more, which is his ultimate. At the beginning it can be confusing because you will die VERY fast, this is not a "chill game", you need to focus every second in order not to die. The essential part of this game is to jump and hide in the trees. Thats right, they can give you invis and a jump ability. You can also confuse your oponent by different items you can buy, for example "Wood-puppet", which allows you to create a copy of your ninja.

Q Quickslash - The Ninja slahes around him, instant damage in a smal area.
W Dash - The Ninja dashes forward, dealing damage in a line. If casted while flying, you will dash into the ground instead, dealing +20 damage and stun evereyone around your Ninja.
E Dagger - Throws a poisonous dagger which deals damage and slows the enemy for 2.5 seonds on impact.
R Shuriken-hook - Throws a shuriken to a target location that hooks the first unit it encounters on the way.
T Ultimate.

F Jump - Allows you to jump from a tree, the further you click the further you jump, however there is maximal range.

However there are smal changes in damage/cooldown when it comes to balance. Also they have not the same Hitpoints - each Nina is unique on its own.

3 modes: 
Steal the scroll: Captue the flag like game, instead of flags you have to capture a scroll. Capture 4 times in order to win.
Teamdeathmatch (Duel): Play against eachother. First to 6 rounds in order to win.
Dragonegg: Try to steal an egg from a dragon, but be aware of the pirates around this island. If you have 3 eggs, you win the game.

3D knockback system
Realistic Gore/Blood effects which interact with the phsysic system
Over 15 items (traps/potions/Illusions)
Observer Modus
Different arenas to choose in Duel modus
Camera Options from 'warlock' example (-cam 800)
Imported 3D sound effects
3D camera shake system
Realistic dagger/Ninja - animation conflict interactions
Dynamic hook and usage of spells while jumping

Azeroth Wars LR 1.90f

Map Azeroth Wars LR 1.90f.w3x by Rhemar

From author map:

No I'm not editing again, someone else was actually crazy enough to volunteer to be the editor of LR. I've tracked down a 1.90e version, finished it, updated it with 1.90f and tested, no crashes or bugs this time (hopefully). There's really not much to say here even though I should probably do a fancy announcement, then again I've already said everything I had to say so I'll be quick, the new editor is Crusader and apparently Thurr Yeah, I guess Thurr is masochistic. Good luck guys, hope the map won't die on you (literally die, not "no one plays it" die).

P.S. I've posted on ENT but I forgot the password to MMH's account so it's not there yet, CNiper help me mate!

February 04, 2016

Dota 6.83d AI beta 1.5

Map dota v6.83d AI beta 1.5 - DotA_v6.83d_AIbeta1.5.w3x Chinese member

Only the chosen players (notified by a message) can use the commands. Usually these are Player 1 andPlayer 6.
Use -AIrepick XX command. XX is the number of the slot incomplete AI occupies,

e.x -AIrepick2 , this will make Teal AI player repick his hero.

Note : AI will not lose gold if you use this command.
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Pokemon Stadium II v1.88b.w3x

Map Pokemon Stadium II v1.88b.w3x - 神奇宝贝乱斗II1.88B正式 by 三姐|耗子

Category: Other
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 192x160
Playable Area: 122x131
Recommended Players: 2-10
Size: 8115.2 KB

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February 03, 2016

Zombie City v1.3

Map Zombie City v1.3.w3x by From An Anonymous Of WE VN Gr
Special Thanks to:
- World Editor Viet Nam Group (on Facebook)
- Bui Hieu
- And anyone has a help in this map!
Add 2 commands: -ms (to show your soilder's current movement speed); -cl (clear the screen)
Reduce difficulty
Category: Tower Defense (Survivor)
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 64x64
Playable Area: 64x64
Recommended Players: 9
Size: 4120.7