June 18, 2012

Digimon Brawl Arena v2.8a

Map Digimon Brawl Arena 2.8a (DigimonBrawlArena2.8a.w3x) by Squitxll@useast

Mode & Command
-ap = All Pick (enabled by default)
-ar = All Random(Red Only)
-random = random
-repick = repick hero (1 usage limit)
kill me = go to home
jogress evolution = "Combine",having the right digimon you and a teammate to become infinitely powerful
-ping = show the location of saga

Solve quest and get reward !
- Stats Reward
- Items Reward

Stats Reward
To do "Stats Reward" quest, you can type "-ping" to show the location of saga.After your typed -ping the location of saga will then pinged at minimap.
Go to the location of saga and kill the digimon, as reward you will get stronger by stat boosting

There 2 saga in the game. Follow the step to do the quest.
Pawn the Mountain King.
1. Palmon - The Flower
2. Alraumon - The Bitch
3. Betamon - The Fighter
4. Betamon Brother - Failed Revenger
5. Seadramon - King of Mountain ( 4000 stats reward )

Climb the Volcano
1. Kunemon - Pathetic Worm
2. Patamon - Rape the Patamon :D
3. DemiDevilmon - Badass
4. Meramon - Deliciously Fire ( 5000 stats reward )

Do all the quest stat then you are the strongest digimon.
Note: Saga only happen once, so do the quest as soon as possible before someone get it.

Items Reward - Hidden Quest
There some hidden quest with Items Reward system.The item rewarded are unique and strong.
Here are the main digimon and quest item. Figure out yourself how to do the quest with the screenshot below.


2)Gold Statue

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