August 01, 2012

FOCS3 Another 8.9b01 Asia

Map FOCS3 Another 8.9b01 by none [ Fight Of Characters Season3 ]

Updated version, the end could download ...
Some Korean translator? -Without google translate ...

Hi. Here's the changelog that I CAN translate (v8.9a07):
1) You won't get 300 gold anymore when you click on the random button
2) Shiki's passive changed into a spell damage
3) Zoro's "Sanzen Sekai(T)" damage reduced to 5000-5500-6000 (I guess, I haven't touch foc for quite a long time)
4)Clair's (R) had some minor changing graphic effects
5)Luffy now has an option to change into either 2nd gear, 3rd gear or 4th gear. he also had some graphic effects change to his Jet Pistol (C)
6) Rob Lucci's Tekkai (E) damage reflection reduced to 70% from 100%
7) Toshiro's (R) cooldown reduced to 100 seconds
8) Gamabunta's skills changed
9) Orochimaru's 1st hokage puppet had a graphic change
10) Saber, Ace and Rojo( I DON'T KNOW WHO IS THIS GUY) models modified

Lembrando que esse changelog é do 8.9a04, o do 07 ninguem traduziu direito ainda eu acho e só copiei dofacebook de algum bixo ae q traduziu mais ou menos

Update new version: FOCS3 Another 9.2B02(Asia).w3x
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