September 16, 2012

Naruto Battle Siege 2.24b

Map Naruto Battle Siege 2.24b.w3x Created by Destiny.Knight

Fight in an arena game with maximum of four players, train your character by killing neutral and playerenemies. The game allow you to pick from four characters, Naruto(Strength), Itachi(Speed), Rock Lee(Speed) and Neji(Speed)

Game Play
- Reach 250 score point to win.

Score System:
- Neutral Enemy(1 point), Player Enemy(10 points)
Hero Attributes:
- Strength: +hp and hp regen
- Speed: +movement and attack speed
- Energy: +chakra and chakra regen
- 6 Items Slot
- Base attack per second: 1
- Maximum attack speed bonus: 500%
Special Features
- No cap to movement speed
- Fast pace arena
- Simple Items
- Score System

Update new version: Naruto Battle Siege v2.25c
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