October 23, 2012

Map dota 6.76 ai

Map Dota 6.76 AI download - News and Update.

Map Dota 6.76c is coming even before DotA 6.75 AI is coming out. Let's hope that PBMN got his apartment soon in Berlin and have some spare time to work in DotA 6.76 AI. Nevertheless, this post will keep you updated with any news regarding DotA 6.76 AI. Stay tune!

Update November/16/2012 from PBMN
Hello, again.
I`m still in a process of renting a flat in Germany(Munich)... apparently this is a very hard thing, even if you can pay for it. Please, stop filling my inbox asking for links. No work is done on the map yet, so there are no links. I`m getting the files i need soon and i may begin preparing the port... but i can`t work without a workstation. Developing on a tablet is impossible :)
Hopefully things will change for the better before the holidays.

Update new version: Dota 6.77 ai
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