December 10, 2012

DotA 6.76c AI 1.1.3 En

Map DotA v6.76c AI 1.1.3 En download by Ciel

It is an Un-official version of Dota AI-maps and originated from PleaseBugMeNot's DotA v6.74c AI 1.3b"HOPE". - By Ciel

1 Code of TerrorBlade and Rooftrellen is updated.
2 A simple (maybe stupied) AI of Arc Warden is added in.
3 Data of the Time Counter for Ult are updated.
4 The problem that SpellCaster units of COMPUTER Player cast the spell to any valid target nearby is partly fixed- for Phoenix ,Ogre Magi and Undying.
Nevertheless, it still happens for some other heroes.
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