December 02, 2012

DotA 6.76c AI v1.0.9 Simple

Map DotA v6.76c AI v1.0.9 Simple - DotA_v6.76c_AI_Eng by 00.w3x by 00
This is not the official version. Chinese dotaer made it.

From Green_Sliche (Forum Staff PlayDota):
  • Frost Wyvern seem to be using his skills.
  • Zet on the other hand does nothing. There's no item build for him aswell.
  • In short - map is playable. Until official 6.76c AI map comes out, you can use it. 
  • Do note - there's no English changelog.
  • This map uses 6.74c v1.3b AI script with additional changes and improvements by it's author. Technically its a successful port of our script with further modification. 
However, there's 6.74c v1.3c AI script, wich contains lots of improvements and features this map is missing. The question is - try to add these new features to this map or upgrade our map to 6.76c ourselves.

Map is playable.
All items work so far.
AI heroes do use new skills.

Update new version: Dota 6.77 ai
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