October 27, 2012

DotA v6.76c.w3x

Map Dota v6.76c.w3x download - Realeased (10/28/2012)
Thank to icefrog....Fast update and fix bugs

Chaneglogs v6.76c:
* Stampede cooldown increased from 65 to 120/90/60
* Stampede duration rescaled from 3/4/5 to 3.75
* Stampede damage slightly reworked from 100/150/200 + 2x str to 0 + 1/2/3x str (no base damage)
* Stampede mancost increased from 50 to 80
* Stampede AoE reduced from 120 to 105
* Drow's base armor decreased by 2
* Marksmanship focus AoE increased from 375 to 400
* Last Word manacost from 100 to 115
* Living Armor cooldown and duration decreased from from 20 to 15
* Living Armor manacost decreased 30/35/40/45 to 25

* Fixed an exploit with Enfeeble allowing it to be perma stuck on the enemy in some situations
* Fixed some lag when Centaur initially casts Stampede
* Centaur restricted from Captain's Mode
* Fixed a couple of bugs with -TagTeam mode
* Fixed Force Staff shop hotkey
* Fixed various tooltips

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?x83j78ub55lbltf
W3xmap.com DotA v6.76c.zip (7.8 MB)
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October 23, 2012

Map dota 6.76 ai

Map Dota 6.76 AI download - News and Update.

Map Dota 6.76c is coming even before DotA 6.75 AI is coming out. Let's hope that PBMN got his apartment soon in Berlin and have some spare time to work in DotA 6.76 AI. Nevertheless, this post will keep you updated with any news regarding DotA 6.76 AI. Stay tune!

Update November/16/2012 from PBMN
Hello, again.
I`m still in a process of renting a flat in Germany(Munich)... apparently this is a very hard thing, even if you can pay for it. Please, stop filling my inbox asking for links. No work is done on the map yet, so there are no links. I`m getting the files i need soon and i may begin preparing the port... but i can`t work without a workstation. Developing on a tablet is impossible :)
Hopefully things will change for the better before the holidays.

Update new version: Dota 6.77 ai
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October 22, 2012

DotA v6.76b.w3x

Map dota 6.76b download update 10/22/2012

Version v6.76b coming out really soon
- Fixed a bug with Spirit Lance that would cause kills done by it to be considered suicides

* Added a new game mode -TagTeam (-tt)
* Removed some residual caster unit vision from various misc abilities

Download: Map dota 6.76b download
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October 21, 2012

DotA v6.76.w3x

Map dota v6.76.w3x download update 10/22/2012

Version v6.76 coming out really soon - Phoenix's skill has changed once more as well as some other heroes like Centaur who got new skill or Drow Ranger with new aura mechanism.

Map Dota 6.76 changelogs

* Added a new game mode -TagTeam (-tt)
* Removed some residual caster unit vision from various misc abilities

W3xmap.com DotA v6.76.zip (7.8 MB)

Update new version: Dota 6.76b
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October 20, 2012

RF Indonesia v4.0

Map RF Indonesia v4.0 by Yudhistira

RF Indonesia v4.0"Fantasy & Romance "
Full changelog read in Facebook group "RF Indonesia (Warcraft MAP)"

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Recommended Players: 3-9
Size: 8046.3 KB
Update new version: RF Indonesia v14g
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October 19, 2012

Jump Dasai v2.2f

Map Jump Dasai 2.2f - JUMPdasai_v2.2f.w3x by China Member
Four parties of all kinds of cartoon protagonist melee
Please Warcraft options before the game - image - texture quality - to increase the for 1.24

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players:2v2v2v2 3v3 4v4
Size: 7837 KB

Update new version: Jump Dasai v2.3
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October 12, 2012

Sasuke Battle Royal v6.9

Sasuke Battle Royal
Sasuke Battle Royal v6.9 - Sasuke BT V6.9.w3x by Red Wolf (Chinese)

Compete in a thrilling battle PvP. Team vs Team, or even in normal mode “every man for himself” … The card contains your favorite heroes of the most famous anime series “Naruto.” Ideas are realized on the manga sung …

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 1-10
Size: 7956.8 KB

Update new version: Sasuke Battle Royal v7.75
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October 11, 2012

October 08, 2012

October 01, 2012

Dota v6.75b.w3x

Map Dota 6.75b download released (October 02/2012) by Icefrog
6.75b has been released with some bug fixes and a couple of small tweaks.

Changelogs v6.75b:
* Fixed a fatal error when using wc3 patch 1.24b or 1.24e
* Magnetic Field gives half the AS bonus for non-hero units
* Tempest Double cooldown from 55 to 65/60/55
* Fixed a new bug in 6.75 that allowed refresher to bypass necronomicon restrictions
* Magnetic Field aoe reduced from 375 to 325
* Icarus Dive heal from 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5% over 6 seconds to 0.75/2.25/3.75/5.25% over 4 seconds (same total heal, just faster)
* Fixed Radiance working on Sticky Napalm
* Fixed Naix getting stuck in Arc Warden's double
* Fixed some items like Dagger and Heart malfunctioning on your main hero if the Tempest Double gets attacked
* Roshan no longer has mana nor requires mana for his spells
* Fixed Splinter Blast slowing magic immune units
* Fixed a crash when using Icarus Dive with Refresher Orb
* Fixed Rubick stealing Shadow Amulet
* Fixed default missing icon on Ancestral Spirit unit
* Fixed various tooltips

Link Download: Map Dota 6.75b download
Update new version: Dota 6.76b
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