February 14, 2013

Dota 6.77b AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7c

Map DotA v6.77b AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7c.w3x by Superwaitsumx

Hi DoTA players!!! Here I come with a new DoTA AI Fun version based in the latest unoficial AI version of Ciel. Please enjoy it.

This version has been designed to be rock stable, no more fatal errors (at least most xD)
  • Removed Christmas theme
  • Added Terrain Snow (-ts)
  • Ported some of the changes of 6.77b (not all)
  • Fixed game crashes
  • Now -airepick work properly
  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Added +jp, which will give 250 jp while in -test (remember, is +, not -)
  • Now -random fun will work with latest heros
  • Fixed some formless bugs
  • Now you will see the fun items clearly
WARNING: Use -dm command before -fun to prevent some bugs.
Sometimes in 5vs5 Persuasive can give a crash, be careful.

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