March 23, 2013

10 Hero Siege Total Chaos v2.13

Map 10 Hero Siege Total Chaos V2.13 - (10)Heroseige 2.13.w3x by by [B]lack[C]haos_

Original made JouNin, edited by Clipboard.

It is a hero seige. designed to make the game last. not protected (i dont know how to but not interested in learned so you can check out the map). i took Jouin's map of 10 hero seige and changed tileset, changed objective of game, added new heros (about 10), lots of custom models, those of which i got from the hive =D so thank you everybody. also added a few cheats to make the game interesting.

-Added custom Skins, Lots of new abilities, and heroes, new items and item combines, also added a whole new shop, only has 1 thing but it could help win the game for you. Play the game & WIN!

Category: Hero Defense
Recommended Players: 3-10
Size: 6056.2 KB

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