March 10, 2013

Naval Battle AoS v1.35f opt.w3x

Map Naval Battle - v1.35f - Naval Battle AoS v1.35f opt.w3x by TKF

Naval Battle is BATTLESHIPS AoS - Featuring manual based cannon combat in Battleships map style! A nice alternative to standard battleships maps.

This is an intense AOS ship game that requires skills to sink your opponents. Unlike other Battleships maps with autofire with weapons, this map do purely have 100% manual cannon fire. You must use skills in this map to fire your cannons. But you cannot sleep when you are playing, otherwise enemy might sneak up on you and kill you. The map also feature ship boarding.
AOS/RPG Style: While fighting the enemy empire, you have the option to open the supply route from motherland, travelling outside the main area to search for treasures in the west in the forbidden waters or to the east on the open ocean. Making the decision to adventure when your base is under siege is a bad idea. Make sure to pick the correct time.

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