March 14, 2013

Ultimate Dragonball v5.5d

Map Ultimate Dragonball V5.5d - UltimateDragonballV5.5d.w3x

Created by ForTiNeRo & Ayraclus, Avarize

Jump into your favorite character and take control of your own destiny. Play in the Dragon Ball world, fight for survival, destruction, or infinite power!Pick 1 out of 12 of the characters in theanime series. Hero arena map where you train against creeps but also has an RPG element to it where you pass quests, level up and complete extra sagas based on the DBZ/GT series. It can go up to a 6v6 battle between Z Fighters and Evil Forces, but also acts as a free for all somewhat where you don’t have to comply with your teammates to win – just become the strongest.

Everyone competes in this to obtain the highest power level in order to beat the enemy’s team. The power levels are displayed in the board along with the game mode and saga you are on. If your character is killed you are sent to the afterlife, a place where you can train without the hassles of your enemies attacking you, however it’s harder to gain power in the afterlife, which is it’s handicap. If everyone is sent to the afterlife on your team, you lose.

There are also side quests you can do, such as applying for tournaments, collecting the DragonBalls to make a wish, fighting secondary bosses arround the map, training in places such as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, unlocking secret characters, look for hidden easter eggs, and more …

Every playable character and their transformations have custom models, the map also has custom models for many doodads and neutral units, custom UI, a very realistic dragonball-like spell system (collision system), to offer the player an unique gameplay sensation.

Even more, it’s community keeps growing every day, with high (and increasing) competitive skills!
- Realistic Dragon Ball gameplay sensation.
- Dragon Ball world like scenario.
- Main and Bonus Sagas/quests following the Dragon Ball storyline.
- Unique spells system featuring colliding spells. (watch videos!)
- Stat training systems.
- Custom UI, sounds, doodads, spells, models, icons.
- Custom models for each playable character and their transformations.
- 3 different gameplay modes.
- 2 teams: Z fighters against Evil forces. 6 players per team.
- Each character’s gameplay is deferent from the rest, offering a great variety.
- Secret/unloackeable characters.
- New/changed easter eggs for every new version.
- New and better strategies can be developed all the time.
- No suggested players amount, 1v1 can be as fun and challenging as 6v6 games.
- Map’s gameplay encourages teamwork startegies.
- Lots of features and system for a better and enjoyable gameplay.
- Supportive and easy-to-contact map developers, open to any suggestions.
- Project under continuous development, working for it’s community.
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