April 27, 2013

Digimon world revolution 1.1a

Digimon World Revolution 1.1a Map DotA ORPG
Digimon World: Revolution is an ORPG map for Warcraft III. ORPG mean that you can do whatever you want, even hunting other players. (which is recommended in order to keep the whole thing more exciting).
Playable Digimon
  • Agumon (Available)
  • Veemon (Available, need secret code to pick) (Secret code is: HeadstrongVeemon)
  • Guilmon (Available, need secret code to pick)
  • Biyomon (Available)
  • Palmon (Available)
  • Tentomon (Available)
  • Demi Devimon (Available, need secret code to pick)
  • Betamon (Not ready)
  • Snow Agumon (Not ready)
  • Lopmon (Not implemented yet)
  • Terriermon (Not implemented yet)
  • Renamon (Not implemented yet)
  • Digital Factory
  • Rainy Forest
  • Crimson Nirvana
  • Tropical Jungle
  • Freezeland
  • Lost Uthopia
  • Forest of Oracle
  • Decode Ruin (Dungeon)
  • Crystal Cavern (Dungeon)
  • Tomb of the Fallen Warriors (Dungeon)
  • Alpha Factory (Dungeon)
  • Unknown Area (Exclusive BOSS Dungeon)
Choose Digimon
You can pick and choose your digimon by typing their picking code which they said whenever you click them on Andromon’s Laboratory (Picking Area). example: type BurningAgumon for choosing Agumon.
  • There are 4 phase of digimon’s evolution in this map: Rookie,ChampionUltimate and Mega.
  • You can digivolve or morph your digimon into it’s next level whenever your have complete it’s requirement level.
  • Each time your digimon have digivolve to it’s next stage, it’s not only their appearance who did change, but their power, status, spell % damage as well. It has % multiplied.
Digivolve level requirements:
Champion: Digivolve from level 20 Rookie.
Ultimate: Digivolve from level 40 Champion.
Mega: Digivolve from level 60 Ultimate

Digimon World Revolution 1.1a Preview Screenshot

Cách pick hero: ấn vào nó big grin nó sẽ nói 1 câu có dòng chữ màu vàng : Mình chỉ việt Enter và ghi đúng dòng chữ đó

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