June 22, 2013

Shan DotA HotKey v5.2c

Shan™ DotA HotKey v5.2c by ShanSystems

From ShanSystems:

My goal in making this Hotkey/Warkey is to be able to experience/practice Dota 2 gameplay while in the environment of Dota 1/Warcraft III.
This started out only for fun by trying to automate Kael's Invoking. then I decided to go all out.

Use in Unmodded Warcraft/DotA Actual Game, Ai Maps or FUN Maps on GARENA/LAN/Single Player Custom Game.

It will only work on 1st chosen hero.. or repicked hero.

Download:   http://www.mediafire.com/?c7x5o0yztebl0hm  - No customkeys.txt Generation yet

For clarification this doesn't have Invoker Hotkeys as it is not allowed here, where in when you press a key combination a power/skill will be set to D/F..
you would still need to do the old regular way of invoking the power/skill e.g. QWER = def blast..
just manipulated the hotkey to be able to experience dota 2 gameplay of invoker in war3/dota 1

if you're gonna use your own customkeys.txt make sure the skill keys you put on the file is relative to the ones saved in your customkeys.txt or it won't work.

If you have multiple versions of Warcraft, Unmodded & Modded versions.. in the Hotkey's GUI Click Game, then select Registry fixer.. browse to where your Unmodded Warcraftand click Save & Fix Registry.. Make changes to the Hotkey based on your liking / preferences.. then click Activate settings.

Link Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?c7x5o0yztebl0hm

How to use:
1. Make sure Warcraft / Dota is not running.
2. Run the program "Shan™ DotA HotKey v4.3a GUI.exe" (This will automatically detect your dota folder)
3. it will ask you if you want to run Warcraft / Dota.. click yes

How to Disable:
1. Exit the Hotkey by right clicking on the tray Icon (Invoker Icon) or Click Game on the GUI and select Exit.
2. Delete customkeys.txt from your Warcraft / Dota folder.

Quick In-Game Configuration Guide: (Default Settings)


Ctrl + Capslock: Shows/Hide HP Bars
F5: Enable/Disable Hotkey
F6: Enable/Disable AutoCast (Default: Disabled)
F7: Enable/Disable Auto Execute (Default: Disabled)

Q = 1st Skill (Alt + Q = Autocast)
W = 2nd Skill (Alt + W = Autocast)
E = 3nd Skill (Alt + E = Autocast)
R = SS/Ultimate (Alt + R = Autocast)
D = 1st Special (Invoker's 1st Invoke)
F = 2nd Special (Invoker's 2nd Invoke)

Z = Numpad7
X = Numpad8
C = Numpad4
V = Numpad5
B = Numpad1
N = Numpad2

Added Features
TAB: Show Scoreboard
Ctrl + J: Garena Auto Join (Temporary Disabled)
Ctrl + P: Pause/Resume the Game
ALT + 1: Send Hero / Crow to Left Side Shop
ALT + 2: Send Hero / Crow to Right Side Shop

MouseWheelUP to Announce Top Missing
MiddleMouse to Announce Middle Missing
MouseWheelDOWN to Announce Bottom Missing

Note: Auto Execute when Enabled will Execute the skill on location of mouse pointer

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