July 14, 2013

Naruto RPG 2.82h.w3x

Map Naruto RPG v2.82h download by D3.Venmade (Update July/15/2013)

Map Created by Russian member
Language map: Russian
Release date cards 2.82h : 14.07.13 (GMT)
Willingness to 100% .
Willingness when correcting 90% .

General Updates \ Fixes:
1) The descriptions in the map loading corrected.
2) The descriptions in the name of the map corrected.
3) The mod-random cleaned for a while (because of the large number of bugs) Quests: 1) 2.82g - Quest "Kill the renegade top" is now the beginning of the quest is in Konoha (near the head of the Hokage) 2) Characters: 1) Choji: * All abilities corrected descriptions, Hot Kei and location of skills. 2)Saito: * Talent 3 is now working correctly. 3) Ino: * Skill, "Privelekatelnost" is replaced by "genes Yamanaka" 4) - 5) Haku: * Ult "Ice Mirrors" redone will work correctly. 6) Ten-ten: * Skill, "Armament" is now a chance to crit is increased by 1% for level 2 skills. 7) Gecko: * Talent 5 and 6 are cleared by - 5 units. protection. * Damage on tends to increase in a 3-fold. 8) Neji: * Ult "Beats chakra" damage will now do the correct (physical damage) 9)Naruto: * The ability to "Rage Naruto" redone. 10) Jirobo: Changes stats for ur . (-0.05 Strength, agility - 0.07)

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