August 13, 2013

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3G.w3x

Map AnimeBattleStadium 3.3G by SPHOENIXZ (Update 12/8/2013)
Aos Hero 3 way.
Only 27 Hero in this map
Support Map By nookaiser Deva CrAzy._.Kirito Ryougi Shiki
Last Map Fix bug Version

[Upcoming Patch]
Anime Battle Stadium 3.3G [Another Version] Patch Note.

[Character Reworks]
-Added a new ability,Gura Gura No Swing after getting gears, it deals x8 Str damage.
-Buffed Tsunami,having a faster projectile speed and increase it's range from 200 to 300.
-Changed Tsunami Haki's Damage Type into Armor Penetration.

-White Dragon Open Wing now deals x7 Str damage.
-Buffed White Applause,having 20% instead of 10% and now deals 100/200/300/400/500 Damage.
-Buffed White Finger's range from 700 to 800.
-Changed Blackburn's damage from 400 to 500 per second.

-Copy Justu can now copy spells from allies in the same team.
-Kakashi may cancel his Justu now.

-Nerfed Gear's ability damage from x13 Str to x11 Str.

-Increased X-Burner's damage to 250 on level 1.
-Buffed Hyper X-stream's damage from 1200 To 2500.
-Buffed XX-Burner's damage from 950 To 1400 Damage per second.

-Changed E into a Blink spell.

-Buffed W's range from 600 to 750.
-Buffed R's range from 450 to 550 range.

[Map Fix]
-Added new sound effects to the map.
-New character icons.

=>Patch note rearranged by Mugino Shizuri.
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 158x156
Recommended Players: Anime Fan
Size: 8107.7 KB