August 08, 2013

Naruto RPG 2.83b.w3x

Map Naruto RPG v2.83b download by D3.Venmade (Update August/08/2013)

Map Created by Russian member
Language map: Russian

Willingness to 100% . 

General Updates \ Fixes:
1) The game world has been increased and is now equal to 251 x 275, and Rosemary cards up to 288 x 288.
2) The new system Clones which will not allow to fly over obstacles or fly out of the arena.
3) Small changes in the description of the card.
4) Removed another 1 Fatal Orochimaru with the Chuunin.
5) The new talent system. (More a little later)
6) Added icons Transitions between the city
7) Added icons Talent some characters.
8) Added icons to the ability of some heroes.
9) New Load-screen.

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