October 04, 2013

Nightsong Mercs 1.25a

Map Nightsong Mercs 1.25a Created by Brized ; Uploaded by: brized

*This is a survival game that follows an arcade style, whereby you score points for kills, rescuing civilians, and completing events. The action is intense but forgiving. Players can revive themselves and each other, and there are ways to revive all players simultaneously, so it's possible to bounce back from apparent defeat. Includes SAVE/LOAD system.

Other features:
  • 2 play modes and 4 spawning modes that can be combined for up to 8 different modes of play
  • 85 enemy types including 4 mega bosses, 17 bosses, and 20 minibosses
  • 5 endings
  • 66 different items/powerups
  • 11 classes
  • Game difficulty automatically adjusts for the number of players in the game and the players' status
  • Extensive randomization
  • Ability to save your rank and access new innate abilities in future games
  • 10 additional abilities to select based on rank
  • Players can access tanks and interact with many features of the environment.
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