November 23, 2013

Anime battle world v0.4g

Map Anime Battle World 0.4g - ABW V0.4g.w3x update by Takeshi_Sawada

This map have 20 Heroes Only
This is Aos 3v3v3 (Bleach, OnePiece, Fairy Tail)

New Hero: Rin Okumura,Urahara Kisuke,Tachibana Kanade,Saber Alter,Alibaba Saluja
Oga New Lvl 8 Skill And Ultimate
Minato Namikaze New Cinematic And Skill Effect For (R),(T)
Sanji New Skill Effect On[W),[E].[R],[T].Also Add Sexy Fire Meteor Striker When Buy Special item
Monkey D Luffy Fix Gatling Bug.New Skill Effect On Both Gatling Gun And Elephant Gatling
Goku New Skill Effect on Kamehameha
Lambo New Thunder Reverse,Electrico Cornata Effect
Uchiha Sasuke New Effect On Amaterasu,Susanoo Add New Skillset
Sting And Rouge All New Skill Effect On Seiryu Senga.Sting New Effect On Holy Nova,And White Punch
Natsu Dragneel Now Only Got Modo Raenryu When Buy Special Item

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