November 22, 2013

Battlestadium Don 1.8d

Map BattleStadium DON 1.8d download by Valkemiere
An Aos map containing various characters from four great animes (Naruto,One Piece,Dragon Ball Z, Bleach)

Play DON online at Garena or Battlenet. You can play with your friends or Computer (AI+++)
Battlestadium D.O.N 1.8D current progress 90% continued
A new model/sfx has been released. for mapmakers check it out!
This model will make your map perfect

The War between three great Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto, hence the D.O.N.

✽Game modes: -ap,-ar,-apon,-apdbz,-apop,-dboff,-om
✽Commands: -repick,-random,-ms,-ma,-om

Mixed Game Type:
- HeroArena, Destroy FT, AoS, Flag Capture
- Fun Custom Spells
- Best DBZ town, and Konoha city place
- Realistic Sound and Cool Effect
- Fast to learn, and time play
- God's View Camera
- Epic Custom Spells
- Bonus AI (you can play with AI)
- Animeish terrain
I will post link download map Battlestadium Don 1.8d here when this map Released

Latest official map is: BattleStadium DON 1.8c

Update new version: BattleStadium DON 1.9
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