November 16, 2013

Dota 6.79 Lod v3q

Official Map DotA v6.79 Lod v3q download by ResQ

What is Legends of DotA? (LoD):
Legends of DotA, or in short, LoD, is a DotA modification. It allows you to pick and mix skillsfrom the original DotA map as you like. You can pick almost every combination you can think of, there are almost no limits - you can create new heroes within a few clicks and play with them!
Ever imagined playing a hero with over 900 range? Just pick Sniper's Take Aim and Lanaya's Psi Blades and you're good to go! There are countless possibilities!

To remove the fact that hotkeys overlay, we recommend using Auct Hotkeys Tool v2.8d (AHT v2.8d). It allows you to have more than 1 spell on the same hotkey while not forcingyou to click spells.

Changelogs 6.79 lod v3q:
* Disabled Hunter in the Night completely as it was causing crashes
* Fixed Poison Touch causing crashes
* Fixed Jinada showing up as "default string" for observers
* Fixed Sprout not working when casted on ground
* Fixed Weave granting permanent armor when cast twice (with Refresher Orb)
* Fixed Aghanim Scepter Doom being permanent even when out of the AoE
* Corrosive Skin will no longer keep triggering on another Corrosive Skin
* Fixed Boulder Smash not working
* Fixed Linken's Sphere effect on allies not showing up
* Fixed some spells not working in slot 5 (Take Aim, Moon Glaive)
* Fixed Spin web randomly affecting allies and sometimes granting permanent invisibility even when outside of the web
* In -3ls and -ls modes, it is now only possible to take up to 2 disables (>1s duration)

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