November 28, 2013

Garena total 5.7

From May 11/2013, Garena Total v5.7 has been converted completely free . 
You will not need to load the message or scratch card to activate again. 

Changelogs version 5.7:
Warcraft Hotkeys - Now you can use the mouse to extend keyboard set hotkey - Fixed the 'Lock the mouse in window-mode' does not work in the lobby 
Auto Tunnel - Fix 2 'Could not start tunneling' 
Main Program - Update languages: en, en, fa, mk 

Auto Join:  Garena automatically join the room without waiting 5 seconds.You can minimize Garena and do their work.
 Auto Tunnel: Automatic tunnel all players in the room while you are playing games or doing other work.
 Warcraft Hotkey: Replacement the hotkey of Warcraft to help more convenient gaming.
 Quick Message: Chat fast on Garena War3 or just a shortcut.
 Auto detect: Automatic detection of Garena offset so that Garena Total can patch all Garena version.

Auto Run: Automatically run other programs with Garena Total.

Download: Game2e.com Garena Total 5.7.zip (835 KB)

Update new version: Garena total 5.8.1
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