November 19, 2013

Knight Footmen-Wars Tz v3.2.w3x

Map Knight Footmen-Wars Tz v3.2 Created by ArOn

Welcome to the Knight Footmen-Wars Tz game.
You and your 12 friends can play in this map
The host (red player) can select game mode.
In this game being divided into four teams of up to 3 members each
Then select one of the heroes, each designed
for spell casting, hand to hand combat, or a little of both.
Once the game begins your goal is to kill enemy units or enemy base
(depends on the current gamemode)
For his part with his shrewd abilities to kill the other team with or without effort.
End to his enemies and get the win!
Player Commands
-clear => clear the all text of your chat.
-ms => is for see the current movement speed of your hero.
-cc => with this you can see the places where the creeps alive in 5000 AoE of the current position of your hero.
These commands are activated after 15 seconds into the game.

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