November 19, 2013

Legend Of Ragnarok v1.0.6 - LOR 1.0.6.w3x

Map Legend Of Ragnarok v1.0.6 -LOR 1.0.6.w3x Created by jxtranghero ; Uploaded by: jxtranghero

CHAPTER II: Vanishing World
- Add Elemental Immunity
- Endless Tower [Enable]
- Add Monster Cards
- Balance Heroes skills
- Improves MVP's hp and skills
- Fixed latest bug issued
- Add Dungeon Raids [System]
*MVP rewards
- Dungeon Warper [in Prontera ONLY]
- Remove Quitting Player
  And the story still written about the past, for the sake of entire kingdom
some how they manage to brick the forbidden scroll and took every single evidence
of late destruction, citizen of Ashrigard forsaken with the prophesies and so rumors spread around
the corner of the world. Heroes and mercenaries gather as they start
the hunt of the last forbidden scroll to save the world.
Who shall be brave enough to join the Legend Of Ragnarok?

The game-play is very simple as much like the origin Ragnarok, from novice to advance class you have to grind and none stop boss hunting, some unique item(s) specializing classes skills and improve the effect of it. Classes or Job's available from 1st, 2nd and to alternate only.* The very exciting about this map is, it is contain mixed events and all player an authority to trigger such all existing events in game. Notice that events can be only activate once the player reach maximum level 99,* its pushing players to keep up in the game longer.

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