December 21, 2013

Naruto vs Bleach 2.1b - NVB2.1b.w3x

Map Naruto vs Bleach v2.1b - NVB2.1b.w3x by DreamRaider, Shinigami12

Choose from 32 different heroes from your favorite anime Naruto or Bleach in an epic battle.

Modes: -ap, -ar, -sm, -dm, -id, -tc, -nm, -bm, -da -as -sd -br

If you find any bugs, please post here. Tell me what you like/dislike any balance suggestions, things that will make a better nvb! Constructive Criticism please, thx.

Changlogs version 2.1b:
Gonna be working on adding new items, heros, features, and balance. This is a WIP, I will be updating this with things I've completed and things I need to change. Plan on releasing this version at about 12/26/2013

Finished Things

New Heros: Baraggan!

Balance: Yamamoto's Ultimate damage from 12/17/22 to 26/36/46.

New Items
Captains Haori Equivalent to assault cuirass in dota.
Ryujin Jakka Equivalent to radiance in dota.
Oin, relic, used in creating ryujin jakka.
Raika, by scarlet

Tool tips:
Bingo book.
Item level tooltip removed from scrolls.

Triggered Kisame's ultimate damage and fixed leaks(lag).
Triggered Yamamoto's ultimate damage and fixed leaks(lag).
Make jounin shop for orbs.

ToDo List

Kyōka Suigetsu, make clones weaker for ranged.
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