August 30, 2013

Vampire Reborn 9.9f.w3x

Map Vampire Reborn 9.9f by heroes1412 (30/8/2013)
Remaked by heroes1412

Mode: -rs -tm -g -rp -wolf -clear

Changelogs v9.9f:
+ Thêm 3 con chym, khi giết chym sẽ được ngẫu nhiên 5 vàng hoặc 2000 gỗ. Khi chym chết sẽ tự hồi sinh tại điểm bất kỳ.
+ Human không thể mua đồ/sách tại nhà của Vampire.
+ Thêm command -tm : Bỏ chế độ thời gian thua của Vampire nếu k giết hết Human.

+ Fix lại địa hình, tránh bug.
+ Fix các lỗi gây mất cân bằng game (Vampire hay Human mà kêu khó xây, khó farm thì xem lại bản thân nhé)

Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 128x128
Recommended Players: 5v1 or 10v2
Size: 1660.2 KB
Submitted: 30 Aug 2013 11:24

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August 29, 2013

Garena Master II v2.29

Garena Master II - v2.29 which removes all the restrictions from Garena gaming client.
It has a lots offeatures including built-in Garena Exp, NameSpoofer, Auto-room joineretc.GarenaMaster project was originally started by m4st3r and continued by DarkSupremo and Open|Fire but there are many people who contributed in it'sdevelopment.

Problem with Garena Client? Please, delete all your garena files and download it again from "Tools Auto AFK System" tab Download Garena Client

Enjoy the 6 working servers, i don’t know for how long it will stay!

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August 26, 2013

Bleach and 1 Piece v7.28c.w3x

Map Bleach and 1 Piece v7.28c by Kurogane
You can play with Computer (AI+++) or your friends
Added 2 New Heroes
Fixed a bug when a player can buy 1 more hero
Fixed other bugs in the previous version

Added 6 New Items including Gem of True Seeing
Added 7 Heroes in total of 39 Heroes currently available in Taverns

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 125x113
Recommended Players: Full House
Size: 5996.4 KB
Submitted: 26 Aug 2013 20:57

Download: Game2e.com Bleach and 1 Piece v7.28c.zip
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August 24, 2013

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I.w3x

Map AnimeBattleStadium 3.3I by SPHOENIXZ (Update 25/08/2013)
Aos Hero 3 way.
Only 27 Hero in this map - Map By SPHOENIXZ
Support Map By nookaiser Deva CrAzy._.Kirito Ryougi Shiki

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I Updates
Anime Battle Stadium 3.3I ( Bug fix version of 3.3H)

【Skill Changes】

-Adjusted Skill E's cooldown.

-Reduced Skill R's size from 700 to 450.

-Fixed Dragon Force bugs.


Boss Mode:
-Buffed Blue Goli(Blue Goli now have 400 damage,10000 HP and drops 300 gold when killed.)

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 158x156
Recommended Players: Anime Fan
Size: 8100.7 KB
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?78edbfesd4xzpsl
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August 23, 2013

Naruto Battle Royal V7.75.w3x

Map Naruto Better Royal V7.75 by Red Wolf: Teeth (Update August/24/2013)
This Map Supports AI: Present (You can play with AI – Computer or your Friends)
The Author Map: Red Wolf – Language map: Chinese

Compete in a thrilling Dota Warcraft battle PvP. Team vs Team, or even in normal mode “every man for himself”.

Author's Note:
Direction toward the farthest - even before the road confused;
Hold the greatest hope - even dead end;
Adhere to the will of the strongest - even Daoshanhuohai;
Prepare for the worst - even all over again.
Naruto Battle Royal V7.75.w3x Features:
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Cityscape
  • Dimensions: 96x96
  • Playable Area: 76x86
  • Recommended Players: 1-10
  • Size: 8165.2 KB
  • Submitted: 22 Aug 2013 17:13
  • Map created by Red Wolf
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August 18, 2013

[TFK] Reborn Vs Naruto v7.5cc.w3x

Map [TFK] Reborn Vs Naruto v 7.55c.w3x by Edited By BloodNinja (Update August/18/2013)

Aos 3 way 30 hero
Today we Rise, we will not Fall. We cannot Fail. We WILL not Fail.
Today we fight, for? our brothers and sisters. For our world. For our Future!
Today we remember, for those Forgotten, for those lost, for those scarred

[TFK] Reborn Vs Naruto v 7.55c Features:
  • Name Map: Reborn Vs Naruto 7.5cc.w3x
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Ashenvale
  • Dimensions: 192x192
  • Playable Area: 192x192
  • Recommended Players: Anime Fans
  • Size: 7896 KB
  • Submitted: 18 Aug 2013 04:10
  • Edited By BloodNinja
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?h1p4xqu1t7jzy7b

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Anime Battle Stadium 3.3H.w3x

Map AnimeBattleStadium 3.3H by SPHOENIXZ (Update 18/08/2013)
Aos Hero 3 way.
Only 27 Hero in this map - Map By SPHOENIXZ
Support Map By nookaiser Deva CrAzy._.Kirito Ryougi Shiki
Update 17/8/2013- Last Map Fix bug Version

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3 H™ Updates

Characters Changes
  • Kakashi fix copy justu
  • Kakashi fix bug copy skills
  • Byakuran fix skills 3 reduce
  • Whitebred fix skills 5 Damage
  • Aokiji Fix skills 4 Aoe
  • Madara Fix new skills 5
  • Sasuke Fix Str Original m
  • Madara Fix New Skills 1
Mode Boss
  • Add Blue goli in boss tournament 5 and Hp 3000 Damage 150 Drop gold 150
Fix boss whitebred

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 158x156
Recommended Players: Anime Fan
Size: 8100.7 KB
Submitted: 18 Aug 2013 05:31

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August 16, 2013

Ultimate Dragonball v5.6e

Map Ultimate Dragonball V5.6e.w3x by ForTiNeRo & Ayraclus, Avarize

Fight for survival, destruction and power in the epic world of Dragonball!
v5.6e, July 2013.

Jump into your favorite character and take control of your own destiny. Play in the Dragon Ballworld, fight for survival, destruction, or infinite power!Pick 1 out of 12 of the characters in theanime series. Hero arena map where you train against creeps but also has an RPG element to it where you pass quests, level up and complete extra sagas based on the DBZ/GT series. It can go up to a 6v6 battle between Z Fighters and Evil Forces, but also acts as a free for all somewhat where you don’t have to comply with your teammates to win – just become the strongest.
v5.6e Changelog 
#Fixed Cell Android Bomb.
#Fixed Cell's cutscenes.
#Super Buu Gets Absorb at level 105.
#Goku Instant Transmission cooldown increased.
#Goku Blast/Dragon Fist nerfed.
#Future Trunks Shining Sword nerfed.
#Fixed Future Trunks Sword Mastery buff when transforming.
#Wish for Power slightly buffed.
#Uub gets vision over dying Majin Buu at level 80.

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August 13, 2013

Anime Battle Stadium 3.3G.w3x

Map AnimeBattleStadium 3.3G by SPHOENIXZ (Update 12/8/2013)
Aos Hero 3 way.
Only 27 Hero in this map
Support Map By nookaiser Deva CrAzy._.Kirito Ryougi Shiki
Last Map Fix bug Version

[Upcoming Patch]
Anime Battle Stadium 3.3G [Another Version] Patch Note.

[Character Reworks]
-Added a new ability,Gura Gura No Swing after getting gears, it deals x8 Str damage.
-Buffed Tsunami,having a faster projectile speed and increase it's range from 200 to 300.
-Changed Tsunami Haki's Damage Type into Armor Penetration.

-White Dragon Open Wing now deals x7 Str damage.
-Buffed White Applause,having 20% instead of 10% and now deals 100/200/300/400/500 Damage.
-Buffed White Finger's range from 700 to 800.
-Changed Blackburn's damage from 400 to 500 per second.

-Copy Justu can now copy spells from allies in the same team.
-Kakashi may cancel his Justu now.

-Nerfed Gear's ability damage from x13 Str to x11 Str.

-Increased X-Burner's damage to 250 on level 1.
-Buffed Hyper X-stream's damage from 1200 To 2500.
-Buffed XX-Burner's damage from 950 To 1400 Damage per second.

-Changed E into a Blink spell.

-Buffed W's range from 600 to 750.
-Buffed R's range from 450 to 550 range.

[Map Fix]
-Added new sound effects to the map.
-New character icons.

=>Patch note rearranged by Mugino Shizuri.
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 158x156
Recommended Players: Anime Fan
Size: 8107.7 KB
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August 10, 2013

X Hero Siege D-Day v1.2

 Map X Hero Siege D-Day v1.2.w3x by Doc

Map Info:
Select between 19 heroes from Hero Selection, defend the Sanctum from the enemy attacks, destroy every tower on each lane and fight your way through the Final Wave, Creep Marathon and mini bosses in order to get to the DevilDare and stop the creep invasion once and for all

This map is great for times when you just wait for the time to pass or you have nothing to do....

This map features 19 heroes with unique abilities divided into Strength, Agility and Intelligence types
Also features user-made Resource share System, Resource sell System, Camera Manipulation System and many more
Added -tips command for guiding newcomers through the map
Suprise Circle where you can get various things starting from getting nothing to getting up to 100 000 GOLD!

Modes: -ar, -arbg, -arnr, -arbgnr. For Ap mode, leave as it is and wait until it counts down to zero
X Hero Siege D-Day v1.2.w3x Features:
  • Category: Hero Defense
  • Tileset: Black Citadel
  • Dimensions: 224x224
  • Playable Area: 128x213
  • Recommended Players: Atleast 4 Player
  • Size: 5070.6 KB
  • Submitted: 10 Aug 2013 10:18
  • Created by Doc
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August 08, 2013

Naruto RPG 2.83b.w3x

Map Naruto RPG v2.83b download by D3.Venmade (Update August/08/2013)

Map Created by Russian member
Language map: Russian

Willingness to 100% . 

General Updates \ Fixes:
1) The game world has been increased and is now equal to 251 x 275, and Rosemary cards up to 288 x 288.
2) The new system Clones which will not allow to fly over obstacles or fly out of the arena.
3) Small changes in the description of the card.
4) Removed another 1 Fatal Orochimaru with the Chuunin.
5) The new talent system. (More a little later)
6) Added icons Transitions between the city
7) Added icons Talent some characters.
8) Added icons to the ability of some heroes.
9) New Load-screen.

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August 05, 2013

Fight of characters Evros 1.64.w3x

Map Fight of characters Evros V1.64 by Antares Ame
Choose up to 22 Characters from Evro..

Version Uploaded at August/06/2013

Fight of characters Evros V1.64 Features:
  • Name Map: Fight of characters Evros 1.64.w3x
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Cityscape
  • Dimensions: 96x64
  • Playable Area: 84x52
  • Recommended Players: 4Vs4
  • Size: 6360.3 KB
  • Submitted: 5 Aug 2013 21:09
  • Created by Antares Ame
Download: Game2e.com Fight of characters Evros 1.64.zip

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Dota 6.78c lod v2p

Official Map DotA v6.78c LoD v2p.w3x download by ResQ update in August/08/2013

* Fixed a major issue with hero models Rooftrellen, Bane, Earthshaker, Tidehunter and Keeper of the Light
* Fixed a major issue with Chemical Rage
* Fixed some problems with collision size for some heroes
* Fixed Rearm (as 6th skill) reseting to level 1 after usage* Fixed Flesh Heap, Corrosive Skin, Flesh Golem, Feral Impulse
* Fixed Nether Blast having an incorrect pseudo-casttime

What is Legends of DotA? (LoD):
Legends of DotA, or in short, LoD, is a DotA modification. It allows you to pick and mix skills from the original DotA map as you like. You can pick almost every combination you can think of, there are almost no limits - you can create new heroes within a few clicks and play with them!
Ever imagined playing a hero with over 900 range? Just pick Sniper's Take Aim and Lanaya's Psi Blades and you're good to go! There are countless possibilities!

To remove the fact that hotkeys overlay, we recommend using Auct Hotkeys Tool v2.8d (AHT v2.8d). It allows you to have more than 1 spell on the same hotkey while not forcing you to click spells.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bgkb1s7h3tb9uuu
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