May 12, 2014

Fight Of Anime 2.4a.w3x

Fight Of AnimeMap Fight Of Anime 2.4a by Create Map by : Nyar & _Q3ea_
Fix Abilites

Hatake Kakashi
Fix Balance "Kamui" & "Kamui Special"
Fix Bug Hotkey "Overlap Raikiri & Raikiri Single Raijin"

Namikaze Mianto
Fix Bug "Double Rasengan"

Jellal Another
Fix Abilites "Five Layered Magic: Sacred Song"

Jellal Fernandes
Fix Abilites "Heavenly Beam"
Fix Abilites "Cerma" and Fix Casting 3.5 sec > 4 sec
Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players:Anime Fanclub
Size: 7564.9 KB

Update new versio: Fight Of Anime 2.7.w3x
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