May 09, 2014

Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.6

Map Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.6 Created by A.Dominion; Gadina Prokleta ; Uploaded by: gadina_prokleta

Map Info:
You must survive,
gather resources,
build your village and
protect your Totem from the other evil troll tribes in the Jungle.

Playable Classes:
You can choose among four troll heroes, each having different skills and item recipes:
The fierce and mighty WARRIOR,
The silent and insidious HUNTER,
The wise and creepy SHAMAN,
The ingenious and crafty INVENTOR.

Gameplay Variety:
You can craft various weapons, items and buildings and combine them
dependent on the class of the chosen troll and the necessities of the tribe.
The world is changing and going its own course through the game.
The game is rich of possibilities. There can't be two JTR games exactly the same.

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