June 03, 2014

Enfo's FFB Edition v1.70

Map Enfo's FFB Edition v1.70.w3x Created by Strikest, Swedish_Buddha, Magto ; Uploaded by: Strikest

Map Info
Enfo's Team Survival: FFB Edition is a Hero Defense type map that features two teams trying to defend themselves from a series of progressively harder creepwaves, while at the same time trying to defeat the enemy team by using support spells from each player's Spellbringers.

Enfo's TS: FFB Edition features over 30 unique heroes, each with 5 custom spells: 1 innate and 4 learnable hero spells, most of which are heavily coded in vJass. There are 3 main categories that each heroes fall into, and you need at least one of each if you hope to survive long—it is a team survival after all, and you won't get far on your own. These roles are the standard: Tank, Damage Dealer, and Support roles. However, while the roles each hero plays are standard, the way each hero fulfills these roles are from it; every hero's unique skillset allows them to fulfill each role very differently.

Some other stuff about map
Unlike any other Enfo map you've encountered, our version features a projectile system. This means all projectile spells and attacks can be modified in mid-air, and they can't collide with creeps, walls, etc. If you shoot a straight forward going spell on a target in the middle of a crowd, it won't go past the first units there to reach the target. It will collide with the first one in its path instead. This also means there are spells that remove a spell that you shot towards an enemy before it actually reaches its target.
Our version features bosses and commanders. A Commander comes with every wave, and usually have either some global affect or aura; or they do a lot of damage. An example can be Fanrae commander. He keeps all Fanraes permanent invisible while he's alive - so even when they're attacking, they can't be seen through normal means. Bosses are harder than commanders, and will show up at certain events in the map. You will know once you see one.
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