June 28, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014.w3x

Map FIFA World Cup 2014 Created by Dafling & Vladimir3388 ; Uploaded by: morganxl

Warcraft Soccer is a heavily modded version of the old football map called "Worldcup of Warcraft", created to commemorate the 2002 World Cup.

The objective is obvious - try to score as many goals as you can, while protecting your own goal.
The gameplay was designed to resemble real soccer mechanics. Like in real life, you have to strike the balance between individual actions and coordinated teamplay.

For several years of development we have improved the map visuals and polished its gameplay, all the while striving to retain the spirit of the original game.
Today the map enjoys a huge fanbase with regular tournaments, numerous movies on youtube, and a very high level of play.

There are four main "spells" - Long Pass/Shot (C), Jump (V), Flat Pass (Z), Kick/Slide (X).
A few more abilities: Curve (G), Pass to me! (D), Drop Ball (A) - you probably don't need them yet.
Goalkeepers are AI-controlled.
Playing with bots is possible, but I strongly recommend playing against human opponents.
Preferred number of players - 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.
This game is not an RPG - there are no hero classes; strength and agility do not make a difference; you cannot gain levels or work on improving your abilities.

Teamplay is an essential component of the game. Do not do solo runs, instead pass to a teammate!
The main ways to score are: C shot, V header and V+Z.
Always aim your C's as far as possible, due to the massive range of this ability.
Do not shoot through/into enemy goalkeeper, as he will block easily. Instead, aim at an exposed section of goal.
If your ally is in penalty area, pass to him with C!
Jump near the ball to head it (V).
If ball is flying in enemy's penalty area, jump near it (V) to perform a heading shot.
You can use D to request a pass from your goalkeeper.
As a beginner, you normally won't have to use the "X (Kick/Slide)" ability.
About some of the more advanced gameplay mechanics, such as: curved C, V mod, dribbling, I recommend to ask here/on official forums/read guides to gain clarity.

Common mistakes
Holding the ball for too long, not passing.
Making short C's - C must always be used at maximum range.
Using Z to pass to teammate who is far away (instead of C).
Shooting with X (instead of C or V+Z); shooting through/into keeper.
C'ing directly to the player, instead of C'ing in front of him (this ruins C+V goals).

Realistic gameplay:
You can perform short or long passes, jump and head the ball, shoot in a variety of ways, and even curve your passes and shots!
-qwer - change hotkeys from ZXCV to QWER
-switch <p1> <p2> - switch players
-hints - enable/disable hints
-shorten - voting to shorten match time by 4 minutes
-end - voting to end game
-z2y/-y2z - change Z hotkey to Y and vice versa (for german keyboards)

-hard - enable "pro" mode (will disable C goals, improve keeper AI, etc)
-easy - go back to "easy" mode
-keeper - in this mode goalkeepers are controlled by human players
-train - use this mode for trying out stuff and working on your skills (you gain "Teleport" and "Fetch Ball" spells)

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