June 19, 2014

OMG ACS Version 1.2e

Map [OMG] ACS Version 1.2e.w3x by oOFairy-TailOo

Map By oOFairy-TailOo - Terrain Art By O5
Fĩz bug skill up level

Changelogs version 1.2d:
Fix Bug Reset Skill
Fix All Hero
Fix Terrain Rains
Add System Reset Skill
Add Skill Wendy 
Add Skill Enel
Add Skill Yamamoto
Add Skill Blackbeard
Delete Skill 1 Erza and 2 Zoro bug
Fix Skill Bocciolo di Fiamma 18hit > 25 Hit
Fix Skill Death Wave Unit Invulnerable 1.5 > 0.5 sec.
Fix Spell Ring Mist and storm.

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Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?54f143ok0g0jg0y
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