June 23, 2014

Strongest Anime Characters v0.2

Map Strongest Anime Characters v0.2 is released

Changelogs version 0.2: :
- Added 1 New Hero
- Delete Neji, Naruto, Squalo, Akainu, Kakashi, Itachi, Gamma, Gokudera,Itachi, KTJ
- Add New Boss and Mini Boss
- Added new UI
- Added Vongola Gear
- Added Regalia
- Reduce ring's stats
- Added Dante's Rebellion, Mortred's Scythe, and Aleister's Blasting Rod
- Revamp Arcueid, Minato, Jellal
- Added Unlock Potential for Arcueid, Jellal, Minato, Alucard, Ryohei and New Hero
- Added hero support items at secret shop
- Increase creep kill gold
- Added command -music1 - 3, -music1ex, -cam, -refresh
- Added Anti Winamp Music System
- Added Welcome sound

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