July 04, 2014

Banjoball v1.14 opt.w3x

Map Banjoball v1.14 Created by Garfield1337

Banjoball is basically a football game with spells, with some quirks to spice the gameplay up.
Every player has sprint and some utility abilities plus a unique special ability. The special abilities can manipulate ball, hinder enemies or allow your player to maneuver around the field.

Changelogs v1.14:
- Fixed a bug where the ball would drop when someone uses -observe command even if that player didn't hold the ball.
- Curveshot buffed, the ball now makes a smaller angle and travels faster.
- Curveshot now gives assists properly.
- Sunray weather has been removed as it was still kinda annoying.
- Swap projectile now travels faster.
- Special ability tooltips now contain cooldown information.
- New loading screen.
- Players are now informed of what characters others pick.
- Oak King Zit no longer loses ball if he jumps in front of an enemy.
- Emotes and Pass me! can now be used even while paused.
- Added -names command
- Alternate camera now has a proper angle.
- Gravity has been slightly increased.
- Goalkeepers now get a special jump ability.
- If all players in a team use the shout ability, they'll get a negligible speed boost.
- Powershot channel now slows nearby players.
- Sunny Hills field has been slightly extended in size to fit the 4v4 play.
- Added -draft command for the host.
- Added new character, Clay Hand Nil.
- Few minor problems have been fixed (and hopefully no new have been introduced).

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