July 04, 2014

Castle Fight 1.2x SL

Map Castle Fight 1.2x (SL) Created by Gex\Elf_Stratigo&Vam-pirrr\dd_mn ; Uploaded by: dd_mn

Map Info
This map is another one of "Castle Fight" series, based on Castle Fight ES 1.22b.
The goal of the map is to defeat opposing team. To do this your team should win X rounds (X depends on game mode). You control a builder that can construct race-specific buildings. Some of this buildings periodically produce unit that moves to the enemy's Castle (Attacking units are uncontrollable). To win a round your units must overcome the enemy units, reach the Castle and destroy it. Your Castle can be destroyed by the same way - then you lose the round. Some units are particularly strong(or weak) against others because of their damage/armor type or abilities. Watch for armor and attack tips to choose right construction.

There are a lot of differences with 1.22b, I can't recall everything. In general:
- some Elementals' and Nature's units\buildings\abilities are redesigned.
- overall performance is increased.
- 3 new units are added.
- new race (Desert Plains) is added.
- new modes:
si - enables streaming income, income period is 1s, income value depends on -itX;
cg - enables Castle gate, builder may close\open castle gate(experimental).
dom - changed, now team dominates if 10 or more units enter opposite team's area
Experimental: RS renamed to Devastating strike and could be cast even on enemy's base.

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