July 20, 2014

Fight Of Anime 2.7a.w3x

Fight Of AnimeMap Fight Of Anime 2.7a.w3x by Create Map by : Nyar & _Q3ea_ 

Fight of Anime 2.7 changelogs:

Aos Hero 3 way.
Only 31 Hero in this map
New Hero
Uzumaki Naruto
Fight Of Anime 2.7a was made, still its 2.7 wich means an retard made an fake i just saw this morning at russian's rooms, i play in anime 11 rusia, now for bugs ichigo is too op and needs to be fixed this q is fine i think, but w wich is rush like cobra its op deals alot of dmg and won't let you cast anything also the mask is op aswell not only it gives ms and as but hp regen aswell i think the hp regen is about 30-40 when wore mask, the r is also too op not only it attks and won't get dmg from any aoe while casting but also deals getsuga in it getsuga of x6 dmg x3 in 1-2 sec is fatal i'm not sure if t is legated to this but if it is then r t can make combo without getting dmg at the same time and for triple getsuga tenshio it was bugged from 2.5 i think and i see its still bugged it kills instantly if you have better items than ichigo then you can survive with 1k hp or 6k or even more i think mask can also crit too i'm not sure for i get killed instantly with any hero i play, now for itachi he's petty fine except for the high amount of damage it deals with w 500x6 its abit op at start and gets good farm, the r deals more dmg than it says amaterasu at some points its op fix it i got killed by it full hp by some1 with barely real ring not to mention i was feeded, about izanami i donno i rarely see ussers get special with itachi, now kirito kirito cds are too short they need to be longer or atlast reduce dmg of it it cast one after anouther in interval of less than 1 min, now cobra you may know this but the passive deals too much dmg reduce its dmg by half or take it out for anouther, in rest he seems fine so far, now kakashi needs a longer cd at clone jesus 20 sec? that means he can usse it before any of the skills put it atlast at 50 or 70-80, also nura rikuo has clone cd of 160 or 140 but still kaka's too op in clone short nura rikuo clone time aswell, gajeel still under inspection..., naruto his clone's deals the same damage as the usser make it to 70%, now suggestions i trink you should change the theme of the map in a, make zoro r to be casted instantly, fix buy wrong item if you try to do so you won't get half money back you get 10% i mean from 1500 i got 200 back at ring upgrade, make tower dmg higher for i see ussers even at lv 5-6 they attack towers, add more hiding spots for more fun, add more gold at boss 10k for special or atlast some item near 5k for example tonfa 1 or something like that that's all for now i'll come back later with more raports. Garena Usser HellStrikeII

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?bs1dsz0vz7uf0zu
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