July 02, 2014

The World Season 3 v0.09n - twrpgS3v0.09n_eng.w3x

Map The World Season3 v0.09n - twrpgS3v0.09n_eng.w3x by Keekero Original Developer: Keekero

This version is equivalent to (code-compatible with) Korean version of v0.09n.

Everything should be translated; please report anything that isn't translated! I'd greatly appreciate it.
v0.09n supports loading codes from v0.08T1~any versions released after.
Patch notes:
Fixed translation errors
Fixed bug where Witch's demonic rune could be placed beyond boundaries
Fixed bug where Giant Golem was dropping Hydra Token

Developer: Elfenlied
Game Genre: RPG
Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Recommended Players: 8 players
Size: 7186.3 KB

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