September 19, 2014

DotA Fun Wars RELOADED 2.3

Map DotA Fun Wars RELOADED 2.3.w3x by steal some sleep/radioactivfishy
Clash and clash, then clash some more.
Modes: -ap. -ar, -tr, -sd, -ffa, -cm, -sh
[In sync with DotA 6.81d]

DotA Fun Wars RELOADED is a Warcraft III custom map featuring intense and nonstop clash of 10 players in a deadly battlefield. Fans of the original DotA will need to adapt to a faster playstyle, reworked hero skills, and new set of item builds. The map is updated and balanced regularly by steal some sleep and radioactivefishy, and is a very popular custom map in Garena and RGC.
This Fun Wars version update primarily focuses on hero balance and some ability appearance tweaks. Since DotA 6.81d seems stable already, most changes in this version will be based on that.

Biggest change in this version is Drow's Silence skill mechanic, changed to Gust (but with same silence effect). Also, hopefully all Fatal-Errors are gone! Thanks for all the emails you sent us regarding the bugs about that. As usual, if fatals still happen, don't hesitate to contact us so it can be fixed asap. For every detail on what has been changed in this version, you can see it here in the changelog.
One last thing, DFW RELOADED has been downloaded over 30,000 times since the first version. Thanks for all the support you've given the map throughout the years! Just in case you don't know, we have a Facebook fan page as well.

Okay, enough talking. Let's go get that MONSTER KILL!

Download: DotA Fun Wars RELOADED 2.3

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