November 04, 2014

Anime Life Star 1.8

Map Anime Life Star 1.8.w3x by Onezz

Changlogs version 1.8:
Fix Bugs
-Madara gunbai Can Use Onece
-Rikudo Ward Drob Was Igore Cooldown Ability
-Add Sounds Asada Shinon
-Change Music
Fix Balance Up
-Obito Has Remove Stun In Mugen Tsukuyomi
-Shirou Excalibur Have a Cast Time
Remove Heroes
-Kirito SAO
New Heroes
-Kirito GGO
Made By Onepiecethe1
Support Me
Tear Grants

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players:9
Size: 8177.8 KB

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Download: Anime Life Star 1.8

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