November 02, 2014

Sword Art Online : SAO Infinity Adventure 0.01

Official Map Sword Art Online : Infinity Adventure Version 0.01

Upcoming Patch Details:
1.Some Heroes Spells will be remake
2.Leveling System will be harder,decrease exp gain
3.Balance the items and add the ability to a weapons or special equipment.
4.Drop rates from Monsters decrease
5.Bosses will be balance and will be harder
6.Spell Required level will be increase
7.Max Level will be increased to Lv300
8.New Stories will be added in Version 0.01

The Version 0.01 will be release as fast as i can

If you have any ideas and suggestions you can send me a message so i can make the map going better

Some Usable Commands in the Map:
-clear ( To clear all system message )
-ms ( To check your current movement speed)
-cam 80 to -cam 130 ( Enable you to adjust your camera distance)
-debug ( If your unit is paused , screen keep shaking or your movement speed or something are weird...you can type this command and try to fix it )
-unstuck(If you are stucked in somewhere after you using an ability you can type this command and teleport back to the 1st town in 3 minutes)

Download: SAO Infinity Adventure 0.01

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