December 26, 2014

Battle Stadium Don 1.9

Map BattleStadium DON 1.9.w3x download by Valkemiere

Changelogs v1.9:
  • New hero Kizaru, Mihawk, and Law
  • New naruto and yondaime kyuubi chakra hero
  • New model of Itachi, Deidara, and Nagato Edo tensai
  • New item rejunevation necklace
  • New UI by Kurokaze
  • New Mappreview by Lordrygar
  • Many skills revamped also the sfx
An Aos map containing various characters from four great animes (Naruto,One Piece,Dragon Ball Z, Bleach)

Play DON online at Garena or Battlenet. You can play with your friends or Computer (AI+++)

Download: BattleStadium DON 1.9

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