December 29, 2014

World of Angel Arena 14.2f AI - Wofaa_v14.2f_AI.w3x

Map World of Angel Arena 2014 v14.2f AI -Wofaa_2014_v14_2f_AI.w3x by Vvopaa Abidin2171 MGT1_XPert

New version of World of Angel Arena v14.2f Changes
+ Fixed a bug with the keys angels 
+ change of the main characteristics of the angels 
+ Added item "break off a branch of the" Iron Branch. 
+ For the murder of Iron branch is now given 15,000 gold (it was 3000) 
+ Removed Hero "Gigantic Abomination" and replaced with a new hero. 
+ Added a secret item

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 12
Size: 4365.4 KB

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