March 21, 2015

Cruiser Command v0.93d prot.w3x

Map Cruiser Command v0.93d Created by Callex and TKF ; Uploaded by: TKF

-Cruiser Command-
As crew of a heavily armed battlecruiser, you must work as a team to destroy the enemy. Each cruiser features an arsenal of powerful weaponry, advanced equipment and launchable strike craft, as well as the surprise element of using a teleporter to board enemy cruiser.

Player Roles:
Captain: The captain must lead his crew to victory. He can manually steer the battlecruiser and fire any armed missiles. The captain must ensure each player is pulling his/her weight and instruct new players on what to do; good communication is therefore essential for this role.

Pilot: The pilot can fly one of the two launchable vessels within the cruiser. The mining vessel is the most important of the two ships, as the battlecruiser cannot function without a steady mineral income. The fighter vessel is useful for assisting battlecruiser assaults or harrassing enemy miners.

Engineer: The engineer has access to some of the more advanced battlecruiser technology, including the refinery and the molecular constructor. and other consoles which he can build. An engineer will need to refine any minerals delivered by the mining vessel, and use the product to construct missiles and other equipment. Engineers can reroute power to different areas of the ship to enhance shields, weapons or engine speed.

Computer AI support:
The AI can perform simple and easy tasks currently. If a players stays inactive the AI will take control when players enters afk mode. So far AI can only support the human players. AI Added in 0.90

AI Capabilities
Current AI capabilities
  • Pilot Miner AI
  • Performing Refining tasks
  • Missile Loading
  • Using Repair Matrixes and First Aid kits
  • Engage in close combat
  • Can join teleport assault team
Lacking AI capabilities
  • Cannot control the cruiser
  • Cannot use the fighter
  • Cannot make any engineering tasks (creating items and upgrades)
  • Sometimes bugs, the AI miner might stop up
Debug Commands
Beta Debug Commands:
-unstuck: Fixes most bugs that for some reason makes your crew member unavailable
-cam: Fixes the camera view, if its mispositioned or bugs during boarding
-rec: Recall computer miners back to the cruiser (Captains only)

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