April 07, 2015

Clash of Characters 1.2.w3x

Map Clash of Characters v.1.2 by Q
Quick and important bugfixing version


- Fixed the points counter at the flags
- Fixed Shana's Burning Hunter bug
- Increased Misaka's EMP damage
- Lowered Buu's Kamehameha channel time and increased damage
- Diamond and Adamantium armor will not block spells anymore
- Diamond and Adamantium armor block chance reduced
- Louise's Explosion cooldown reduced
- Louise's Firebolt silence duration reduced
- Fixed a bug in Alucard's Multishot

- Added a new item "Grimoire"
- Ogre Axe bash chance reduced from 25% to 15%, price reduced from 7600 to 7300
- Scroll of Teleportation casting time reduced to 3 seconds
- Increased the stock of Observer and Sentry Wards in the shop

Bribe - Damage Engine
baassee - Revive System
Magtheridon96 - Advanced Streak System
Diablo-dk - Recipe System
Kingz - Missile System
king_drift_alex - Buff System

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