April 15, 2015

Hero Race Arena v5.1d

Map Hero Race Arena V5.1d Created by Ramsey ; Uploaded by: Ramsey

Hero Race Arena: A free-for-all competition between 2-8 players fought with various races of heros, powerful support towers, and personal strategies. Be the first to clear your lane of monsters and the first to defeat the great Ragnarok in this gladiator, sabotage, tournament known as Hero Race Arena.

• Choose a hero
• Fight in your lane, in the training arena, and in duels.
• Buy items to ensure your position of victory [More item recipes coming soon]
• Sabotage your enemies with your support towers.
• Achieve overall victory.

  • Type:Arena, Hero Arena
  • Category:Miscellanous / Other
  • Map Size:128x128
  • Playable Map 
  • Size:116x116
  • Suggested Players:2 - 8 

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