May 03, 2015

Guilds of Hyppos RPG v1.35b

Map Guilds of Hyppos RPG v1.35b Created by Robbepop (Northrend) ; Uploaded by: Robbepop

This is an RPG for single and multiplayer.
There are 8 completely different heroes from which you can choose.

- Assassin
- Ranger
- Warrior
- Seraph
- Elemental Mage
- Mentalist
- Monk
- Necromancer

You could think that there are few too less different classes in this RPG but every class can be played in very different ways. For example: it is possible to play the Seraph as a full tank (str-main), attacker (agi-main), spell caster (int-main) or everything mixed up. That makes every character unique in the way the player plays with him.

Besides that all heroes have got 12 spells with each 10 levels.
They can be learned and upgraded in the guilds depending on the heroes level.
Nearly all spells are custom and coded in vJass!

Every level up you get 5 attribute points which you can spend on your three different attributes.
  • 8 different and unique heroes.
  • 12 spells per hero - 96 abilities in total, most of them coded in vJass!
  • Skill your hero's attributes in your way - there are different builds for all characters.
  • An epic Main-Quest and countless Sub-Quests advanced by a quest system.
  • Minipets with auras and other great tools and abilities to help and customize your hero.
  • Advanced PvP and PvC arena systems.
  • Lots of different Creep Regions.
  • No bounds in movement over the whole map!
  • Many bosses and epic boss fights.
  • Over 350 different equipable items.
  • Experience and creep gold system which empowers teamplay!
  • Activatable hero camera for real RPG feeling.
  • Party System to get advanced situation handling.
  • Savable ships and a player treasure to extend your inventory.
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