May 26, 2015

Map dota v6.83c RGC fix bug

Map dota 6.83c RGC update and fix bug version 6.83c
It seems the massive changes on the DotA 6.83c left at least one bug which quite game breaking. The bug is related with Zet the Arc Warden's ultimate (Tempest Double), which is not the first time happens. This time, the bug will let you have a freeButterfly!
Arc Warden DotA 6.83c Bug
1. Choose Zet
2. Save some money and buy Butterfly
3. Use your Ultimate and select your clone
4. When your clone is about to disappear, click your Butterfly and activate its ability
5. When the clone disappear, you will get a brand new Butterfly
6. Profit!

Fixed Arc Warden (Zet) and Butterfly abuse

Post in the bugs: comment here for any problems you find. Thanks for the help.

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