June 06, 2015

DotA v6.84a Allstars B1.w3x

Map DotA v6.84a Allstars B1.w3x update and released (06/2015)

DotA Allstars Changelog version 6.84a-c


  • Fixed Cold Embrace malfunction
  • Fixed destroying rax always gave gold to sentinels
  • Fixed Chen's creep teleportation AGAIN (previous version fix didn't hit final code's version)
  • Fixed Supernova incorrect hitpoints
  • Fixed Null field stop working if Rubick morphs
  • Fixed Earth Splitter always disarming enemy, even if no Aghanim equipped
  • Side shops no longer gives vision
  • Landmines now triggers on ground couriers
  • Landmines no longer triggers or damage flying units
  • Fixed Shadow Demon Aghanim's charges being visible from the very start
  • Fixed Finger of death incorrect AoE damage
  • Fixed Broodmother and Spectre movement issues
  • Fixed level cap issue
  • Fixed Shadow Amulet stopping creeps
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Stasis traps now shows animation when enemy in activation range (as usual it will blow regardless)
  • Moonlight Shadows now has visual effect, visible only for allies
  • Eclipse got different visual effect
  • Balanar got his purple night back
  • New visual effect for BKB
Link download: Dota 6.84a beta 1

Source: http://www.dota682.com/dota-6-84a-beta-1/

Changelogs: http://www.game2f.com/2015/06/dota-allstars-changelog-version-6-84a-c/
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