June 20, 2015

DotA v6.84a Allstars B4.w3x

  • Fixed gold and experience formulas for hero kills. There were crucial rounding issues.
  • Fixed Scourge's 10th player issue with shops
  • Fixed Scourge's Glyph issues with cooldown
  • Fixed Craggy Exterior, Incapacitating Bite, Headshot and Rikimaru's invisibility can be leveled too early
  • Fixed Powershot dealing less damage
  • Fixed Spirit Bear Midas being unusable on resummon
  • Fixed Spirit Bear being able to use Moon Shard
  • Fixed Spirit Bear's Entangle never works
  • Fixed Meteor disappearing if Invoker being Purged
  • Fixed Void Stone incorrect cost
  • Fixed Nightmare vision penalty
  • Fixed Suicide Squad Attack damage could kill Techies before he actually explodes (via Blademail for example)
  • Fixed some units being healed too fast on fountain
  • Fixed First bounty rune gave a bit more exp and gold
  • Fixed Broodmother and Spectre's illusions have no vision
  • Fixed Arcane Orb can trigger Essence Aura even if Aura is not learned
  • Fixed vision bug after Switch
  • Fixed Aphotic Shield could dispell Doom's silence effect
  • Fixed some spell effects stay after death
  • Fixed Overpower's bonus attack speed being removed right before last hit
  • Fixed Alchemist didn't get bonus from kills made by skills
  • Fixed Ignite with Multicast level 1 had no AoE
  • Fixed Armlet giving bonus AS while active
  • Fixed Craggy Exterior missing bonus armor
  • Fixed networth values over circles didn't support switch
  • Fixed Guardian Greaves low-hp bonus
  • Fixed Lightning bolt HP bar
  • Fixed (until proven wrong) issue when Enchanting unit keeps it's original owner vision
  • If game hosted by ghost bot WTF mode become unavailable
  • Sentry Wards no longer have small natural vision
  • If item being used on leaver's hero it's become locked until cooldown ends
  • Autoattack disabling reworked, now it shouldn't mess up AI priority. Advanced testing required
  • Cleaned up restricted regions, Force Staff and Rubick got more room to work with
  • Magic damage reductions (Cloack, Hood, Pipe) now stacks (6.82 change)
  • Reduced Mana Drain drain interval from 1 to 0.1 (6.83 change)
Link download: Dota 6.84a beta 4

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