June 06, 2015

Hero of The Empire v1.18d

Map Hero of The Empire By Inmortal Siegfried

Map Info:
In this game you must defend your empire and destroy the one of the enemy. The enemy empire: The forces of the dark , have a slight advantage at the beginning and this advantage is growing all the time, you must surpass this advantage, for that you have a hero with five abilities that it can level up until level 9, more than 400 items that you can buy , find or create, 32 diferents towers that you can build and units that you can hire.

  • Unique Heroes: The Game have some unique Heroes like one that have 57 forms and more than 250 abilities or Worker Hero that can do more than 200 differents things between upgrades, unit trained and build building or Blacksmith hero that can create more than 160 uniques items. 
  • Differents Strategies: There are a lot of differents strategies that you can do with every Hero, for the amount of abilities, levels and items. 
  • Change Armor and Attack Tipe: All the heroes begin with a normal attack tipe and armor, and it can changed with items to Hero, Chaos, Dragon.
  • Complete Descripcion of Attack Tipes and Armor Tipes : All the attacks tipes and armor have the information of the percentage of damage that it does or that it recive of all armor and attack tipes.
  • Infinitely Growth: You can become stronger all the time with level up and buying or finding items more and more powerfulls.
  • Random Creeps and Bosses: Some creeps and bosses come random , in this way you can enjoy play it a lot of times.
  • Tricks: There are some tricks, like a secret shop, a way to betray the Empire and play in a third force, make item of recipes more powerfull combine with items that you find.
The game is dificult, so maybe you will not be able to win the first times you play, it can be played and passed by 1 player but is a lot more dificult, some advices : if is your first time choose a hero with a normal difficult to use, level up an AOE ability, them with the gold buy items according to your abilities or build a tower and upgrate it several times, try not to died (lose gold and time reviving), you start been more weak than a creep but you can become stronger than anything.

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