June 14, 2015

Tiny Wars AI v1.07b

Map Tiny Wars AI v. 1.07b Created by Storm_hih

Take the Stone Giant to victory against the others with your own Items and Tricks.Toss them across the land, let them land on the barrels to die. Be the strongest with all items from DotA spells.

You can choose between 10 20 30 40 50 60 seconds as a periodic timer to spawn a rune in the map in a random point.

-Power Points: gives 5 power points.
-Gold Coins: gives 50 gold.
-Rune of Destruction:transforms your tiny into a destruction machine you will gain higher hp and faster attack and movement rate for 30 seconds or until the tiny dies.
-Rune of Harder Skin: makes Tiny invulnerable from to physical damage for 15 seconds.
-Rune of Double Damage: Doubles the damage of who takes it for 20 seconds.
-Rune of Grappling Toss: The next time you use toss you will throw your self with it but without dealing damage to yourself. Lasts one use or when you die.
-Rune of Haste: Gives Tiny unlimited full movement speed for 20 seconds.
-Rune of Illusion: Creates an illusion for Tiny lasts 120 seconds.
-Rune of Invisibility: Makes the owner invisible for 40 seconds.
-Rune of Magic: Surrounds Tiny with a shield that absorbs all magical damage that comes to tiny, up to 650 damage or 40 seconds.
-Rune of Restoration: Replenish the life of Tiny.
-Rune of Secrets: Gives you the power of a random rune.
-Rune of Sight: Reveals the map and invisible units for 8 seconds.
-Rune of Swiftness: When Tiny takes this rune it will refresh his items and skills.
-Rune of Teleportation: A rune that teleports your Tiny into a random place.
-Sticky Bomb: This sticky bomb will start to countdown when it is acquired, your tiny will blow up if he didn't throw it on an enemy tiny.
-Rune of Intelligence: Grants you 500 XP.
-Rune of Ghost: Makes you fully invisible, you can attack and cast spells lasts 15 seconds.
-Rune of Lightning: Surrounds tiny with a lightning shield that damages nearby enemies, lasts 12 seconds.
-Rune of Reflecting: Grants your Tiny a spike shield which damages enemies as they damage you, Lasts 12 second.
-Rune of Darkness: This rune unleash your darkness from inside, slowing enemies in 300 AOE around your tiny by 60%. lasts 15 seconds.
-Rune of Detecting: Put on this rune's place a sentry ward to watch 750 AOE of this point. lasts 20 seconds.
-Rune of Sky Wrath: Brings the anger of skys, causing lightning to fall upon Tiny's enemies dealing 400 damage in 800 AOE.
-Rune of the Grave: Allows you to control your grave when dying, you will get back to life after 4 seconds, getting half of your hp. Lasts 1 use or 60 seconds.
-Rune of Vampirism: You will turn into a vampire, each attack you do will restore hp for you. Lasts 20 seconds.

-Rainy Forest:
This modes allow the lightnings to fall on the heads of a random player each (10 20 30 40 50 60) seconds dealing damage 300+(100 x Level of the Tiny).

Download: Tiny Wars.w3x
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